This moment comes towards the end of Breaking Bad in season 5's "Ozymandias." Lv 7. Eventually, Hank manages to make the connection while dropping a log at Walt's house. As the person who spends the most time with Walt and the one who knows him most intimately, it's no surprise that Skyler White becomes suspicious of her husband at a relatively early stage in Breaking Bad. Everything may seem hard to buy to you, but would you really suspect that a family member is a murderer and a meth dealer? Marie relies on Hank to get her out of her own legal issues with stealing. Though Skyler notices a change in Walt's behavior, she initially puts this down to the cancer diagnosis - a understandable and natural assumption. As such, it seems likely that Hank has the discussion with Skyler then goes home to reveal everything to Marie, forcing her to go to Skyler herself to confirm. Source(s): skyler find walt breaking bad: Here's when each member of Walter White's family found out they were in the presence of meth royalty in Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is one of those shows that you can watch multiple times and still be completely engrossed in the never-ending twists and turns. Walt lies to Todd and claims that Mike's death had to be done and the two prepare to dissolve his corpse in acid. In the next installment, Marie is still confused about her husband acting so strangely, which heavily implies he hasn't told her about Walt at this point. Does hank know what walt is doing? Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Henry Standing Bear is one of the main characters in the Longmire television show. 8 years ago. Breaking Bad: Was Gus Fring's Death Realistic? Since joining the Screen Rant fold, Craig has been involved in breaking news stories and mildly controversial ranking lists, but now works predominantly as a features writer. At the ending of 'Gliding Over All', when Hank read the quote from the book, the thought of Walter being Heisenberg hit him for the first time, his brain started remembering and connecting all the events that happened before, like Walt dissappearing, Walt's mysterious fortune, his knowledge in chemistry, the time where he crashed into a car to keep him away from the laundry, his relationship with Jesse Pinkman. Related: Breaking Bad: What Happened To Ted Beneke. It's season 3. Advertisement I also suspect that the coming pursuit is what Walt really wants, deep down. A book gifted to Walt by someone who goes by G.B.—Gale Boetticher, Walt's one-time assistant back in the Fring days. Having previously written for various sports and music outlets, Craig's interest soon turned to TV and film, where a steady upbringing of science fiction and comic books finally came into its own. I understand that Hank made the realization that Walt is Heinsenberg after seeing the writing in Walt Whitman's book from G.B. NICK AND HANK FIND THEMSELVES IN THE MIDDLE OF A DISTURBING FAMILY REUNION WHEN HANK'S OLD FRIEND SEEKS HIS HELP TO FIND HIS MISSING DAUGHTER -- MADDIE HASSON, JOHN PYPER-FERGUSON AND MARK PELLEGRINO GUEST-STAR – As Hank (Russell Hornsby) continues to seek help to cope with the inexplicable siting he had, an old friend, Jarold Kempfer (guest star Mark Pellegrino), ne… Walt then spirals out of control, stopping his meth production, while Jesse strikes out on his own. Perhaps this is why Marie discovering the truth about Walt happens off-screen. Skyler also realizes Walt is far wealthier than he should be for a man of his profession. Well Walt and skyler told him they made the money gambling. Skyler also wanted to protect Walt Jr. from the truth, but Hank and Marie had other ideas. But unlike Walt, Hank isn’t a cold-blooded murderer, so I doubt that will happen. Unknown to him, Walt and Jesse had wounded Tuco moments before, and had barely escaped his detection. To ensure his family's future, Walt dabbles in cooking methamphetamine with a former student, and over the course of 5 seasons, evolves into a fearsome monster with an iron grip on the local drug scene and an international sphere of influence. 3) His gambling story and all of his "winnings". Jim Carrey is Craig’s top acting pick and favorite topics include superheroes, anime and the unrecognized genius of the High School Musical trilogy. Unafraid Hank punches Walt (Bryan Cranston) and knocks him to the ground. Walt, in deep thought, is observing a fly at Vamonos Pest when when Todd informs him that he has disposed of Mike's car. There’s a little bit of a time cut at the end of last season, where Walt gets out of the business, a month or so that goes by, and we’re all sitting in the backyard. But Walt's meth cooking excursions take him away from home for days at a time and Skyler later discovers her husband has a second phone which leads her to the next reasonable conclusion: Walt's cheating. There were so many signs that Walt was Heizenberg. The problem for Walt was that Hank’s sense of justice could never supersede Walt’s selfishness. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. And for Walt, he was willing to jeopardize Hank … Hank’s death both simultaneously crushes Walt and in turn makes him embrace the evil that he’s become. Not involved enough in her husband's work to suspect Walt as a drug lord, and only experiencing Walt's unusual behavior second-hand through Skyler, Marie has no reason or personal investment in Walt's secret, other than how it affects Hank, Skyler and the kids. The DEA had already seized a book of Gale's with a similar tribute to "W.W." and spying a similar message in the same handwriting made everything click for Hank, with the long-awaited big confrontation finally happening in the next episode. Related: Breaking Bad: Was Gus Fring's Death Realistic? All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Walt evades the question, saying only that "Mik… No Hank with Walt. Breaking Bad: Every Godfather Hidden Reference In The Show, The Mandalorian: Grogu's Ending Perfectly Represents George Lucas' Vision, Cobra Kai Season 3 Video Reveals What Happens To Miguel After His Injury, How The Mandalorian's Darksaber Is Different From Other Lightsabers, The Expanse Season 5 Removes A Controversial Romance, The Queen's Gambit: What Killed Alma (& Why She Had To Die), Cobra Kai Season 3 Release Date Moved Up, Will Premiere One Week Early. As the series reached its conclusion I think they both still loved each other. Jesseenters, asking if Walt met with Mike, and if Mike got the money and got away. Season 3, Episode 10, “Fly” Does “Fly” necessarily add anything to the overall Breaking Bad story? Also, where just knowing her husband wasn't being truthful was enough to prompt Skyler towards divorce, Walt remains loyal to his father until he discovers the full facts of the meth operation. Walter cooked in Hank's house when he was involved with those creeps tenting the houses for fumigation. Lv 4. Her initials are in the book. Walt quickly reveals how greatly Skyler has underestimated the gravity of the situation, as Walt tells announces he's a meth manufacturer. Hank, fuming with rage, shame, and vertigo, is left panicked and gasping. As a sister-in-law, Marie Schrader was mostly indifferent to Walter White. I missed out on the last couple parts and got back into it, so did hank ever find out about what walter has been doing. He's been friends with Walt Longmire since they were 12 years old. Hank checking the bug he had Walt … 0 1. I was trying to look up what Hank was comparing the writing to to match the handwriting, and who's it was, and i still haven't found it but i read this post and just wanted to say that that was an awesome list of realizations, lol.. Click the button below to start this article in quick view. At this point, Skyler only knows that her husband is lying about something, and she begins divorce proceedings. Even though the audience don't see the moment Marie finds out, it can be inferred that Hank tells her during the season 5 episode "Buried.". Related: Breaking Bad: The Only Characters Walter White Kills Directly. What am I missing? Hank also really doesn't want Heisenberg to be Walt. Craig first began contributing to Screen Rant in 2016, several years after graduating college, and has been ranting ever since, mostly to himself in a darkened room. Skyler, Walt Jr. and baby Holly arrive home to find Walt packing up and begging them to do the same. These are the episodes in which Walt's family discover the methy truth about the man they thought they knew. The last of Walt's family to find out (excluding Holly, obviously), the meth kingpin was desperate to keep the truth from his son, not wanting that idealistic father figure image to be shattered. Even though he can't prove it definitively with this vague inscription, Hank knows from this point on that Walter White and Heisenberg are one and the same. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Skyler figures out Walt is involved in drugs between Breaking Bad seasons 2 and 3, but the real truth comes out in the season 3 premiere, "No Más." During his search process, he follows the evidence to Tuco's hideout, and kills him in a shootout. Ultimately, of course, Walt's secret is exposed to everyone - even the scared lady next door. Firstly, Walt is much smarter, and secondly, Hank grossly underestimates Walt - that much is clear from their very first scene together. Baby Yoda’s Blood Can Bring “Order”: Does This Confirm Snoke Theories? That's all I can recall right now, though I'm sure there's more. When did each of them eventually find out the truth? More: Breaking Bad: Every Godfather Hidden Reference In The Show. Even after being blackmailed into silence by Walt and Skyler, Hank refuses to give up and continues to try and find a way to put Walt behind bars. 2 Answers. Walt, wrecked by the loss of both Hank and his money, asked Jack to kill Jesse, but Todd insisted they should capture Jesse first to find out what he'd told the DEA. 1) He was a chemistry teacher. Henry is a member of the Cheyenne reservation in Absaroka County who owns the Red Pony bar, tavern, cafe and restaurant. Remember when Hank and Walter we're talking and drinking while Walter was sitting on Hank's couch --- and then the scene changed to Walter sitting on the SAME couch in his yellow cook rubbers? Walt showed up the same day that Tuco was killed. Anonymous. And Hank hadn’t been forthcoming with his … Hank is also faced with numerous threats from the rival drug cartels which takes a toll on Hank's mental health as the series progresses, and eventually starts taking more extreme measures to find "Hei… Although the cancer-stricken teacher is slowly becoming a force to be reckoned with, he's still the shy and mild-mannered father, husband and brother-in-law back home. Hank later kills two of Walt's associates in a parking lot, after they first try to kill him. The timeless story of Breaking Bad sees Walt, a boring and unadventurous chemistry teacher and car wash assistant, diagnosed with terminal cancer. Walter White becomes an infamous name and the man himself is forced to go on the run. All rights belong to AMC. How do people find out that Walt is Heisenberg? Skyler realizes that Hank is dead, grabs a knife and tells him to get out. In some ways, Hank is introduced as the antithesis of Walt, in a good way: he's popular, cheerful, successful, and constantly bragging about his skills. That was driving me nuts last night trying to remember.. i gave up, and fell asleep with this tab still open in chrome thank god, otherwise i never would have saw this reply, lol.. thanks again, He suddenly realized it because walt stole the book from hank and now he finds it in his toilet room and realize that walt stole it and probably is the man he’s looking for according to all the other strange things that had been going on in their lives. Hank is an important aspect of the show's dynamic. Hank Schrader's moment of discovery in Breaking Bad ranks as one of the most iconic scenes in the series and can be found in season 5's "Gliding All Over." Walt's constant battle to keep his new hobby secret from wife Skyler runs throughout most of Breaking Bad, but Walt is especially determined to ensure his breakfast-loving son, Walt Jr., never finds out. Walt also delights in rubbing his crimes in Hank's face - boldly revealing he's carrying half a million in cash, for example. 8) Walt distracting and getting in the way of Hanks sting operation when they were working with Badger. Hank takes a trip to the bathroom, and what does he find? Breaking Bad: When Every Family Member Found Out The Truth About Walt, Breaking Bad: The Only Characters Walter White Kills Directly, Breaking Bad: What Happened To Ted Beneke. Skyler White's role in Breaking Bad was to be the constant source of suspicion; the figure always questioning Walt's lies and trying to trip him up. the last scene of season 5.1 Hank realizes what Walt has been up to. Skyler also wanted to protect Walt Jr. from the truth, but Hank and Marie had other ideas. 7 years ago. Hank and Gomez are dead, so they can’t tell anyone. When Hank lands one square on the jaw of Walt and sends him to the ground, you just know it must’ve felt good. The more we see from Hank the more we know that given the circumstances and their relationship, Walt could pull the rip-cord at any time. Walt spins a long, thought-out tale, saying that Hank, not Walt, is the ruthless, murderous drug lord, and that he threatened and blackmailed Walt into using his chemistry skills to make meth. Some characters find out before others, and all have different reactions to the revelation. Suspecting him is admitting that he thinks it's possible. Yes. In less than a minute, Marie successfully arouses him, and Hank is wheeled out of the room with a "get well soon" box, along with a scowl on his face and a proud Marie behind him ("Half Measures"). Hank makes the connection himself in "Gliding All Over," two episodes before. Hank even seems surprised to find out he smokes pot. However, the exposing of Walt is a gradual process. 5) The gas mask that Hank found and he discovered that it belonged to Walts lab. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Walter White manages to keep his meth empire secret from his family for most of Breaking Bad. So, I'm really into Breaking Bad right now, and as i live in Holland, i have not seen all episodes yet. Confronting Walt after their separation, Skyler accuses her husband of being a marijuana dealer, based on one of Walt's lies from season 1, where Walt pretended Jesse was his weed dealer. Relevance. Delta. A book. We … Craig has previously been published on sites such as Den of Geek, and after many coffee-drenched hours hunched over a laptop, part-time evening work eventually turned into a full-time career covering everything from the zombie apocalypse to the Starship Enterprise via the TARDIS. 43 ("Kafkaesque") Hank admits that Jesse's right, but points out how much Walt seems to care for Jesse. In the first episode of the final eight, Walter White and Hank Schrader finally come to blows after years of fans wondering whether or not Hank would ever discover the truth about his brother-in-law. Aminbalzack0320- Walt did NOT steal the book from Hank. By the end of Breaking Bad season 2, Skyler has confronted her "other woman" prime suspect, Gretchen Schwartz, and learned that Walt hasn't been having an affair. The two walk to Walt's car and open the trunk, where Mike's body is being kept. Walt Jr. has no idea that his father has been effectively replaced by Heisenberg, but his constant love and innocence serves to twist the knife of guilt into Walt at every turn. How Did Hank Realize Walter is Heinsenberg. It seems like a stretch to suddenly make that leap just by reading the quote and I can't help but thinking that I'm missing some crucial piece that would make it obvious to Hank who Heisenberg really is after reading that quote. Walt's secret is complicated by his brother-in-law's role as a DEA agent; Hank and Marie Schrader's lives are intertwined with the Whites, forcing Walt to co-exist with the very man hunting him down. Breaking Bad Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Favorite Answer. The truth becomes clear to Walt Jr. when his father returns home, fresh from watching Hank die in Breaking Bad's most devastating scene, and it's the teenager who calls the police. I thought Hank's initial reaction to the "W.W" was a little over the top, but after reading that list it makes sense how he could react that way if all that 'clicked' at once. (paraphrased "My other favorite W.W.") and I remember Hank's joking accusation of Walt being heisenberg and their conversation about this exact quote in his copy of the book. Season 5 - Episode 8 of [Br]eaking [B]adNo copyright infringement intended. I really don't care if you spoil but in what season and episode does Hank find out that Walter is Heisenberg? Granted, she was usually barking up the wrong tree, but Skyler's limited investigative skills are a constant source of tension between herself and Walt nonetheless. Once he was more calmed, in 'Blood Money' when he had every piece of evidence in the Heisenberg and the blue meth case, he started connecting everything, though couldn't really connect it directly with his brother-in-law, until, he saw that picture of Heisenberg (a bold man with a hat and a bit of a moustache, which looked exactly like Walt did a few months ago when Heisenberg first appeared), that was the other big moment, that's where Hank bsolutely, 100%, solves the Heisenberg case. After finding out from Hank Schrader, his DEA agent brother-in-law, how profitable cooking meth can be, Walt teams up with Jesse Pinkman, a former student of his, to … Scrambling for some reading material to ease the process, Hank finds a book that was gifted to Walt by Gale Boetticher and includes an incriminating inscription. The Cheyenne reservation in when does hank find out about walt County who owns the Red Pony bar, tavern, cafe and restaurant and... `` Ozymandias. the gas mask that Hank made the money gambling and he that... Belonged to Walts lab, as Walt tells announces he 's a meth manufacturer seeing the in... In their 20s characters in the show who goes by G.B.—Gale Boetticher, Walt 's family found out were. Teacher and car wash assistant, diagnosed with terminal cancer each member of White. And she begins divorce proceedings was killed she begins divorce proceedings 3 ) his gambling story and all of profession... Was buying weed off Pinkman main characters in the show from G.B mostly indifferent to Walter White an. Right now, though I 'm sure there 's more skyler decides to her... I DONT care if you spoil but in what season and episode Hank. To be Bad is one of the show admits that Jesse 's right but! On Hank to get out the Cheyenne reservation in Absaroka County who owns the Red Pony bar, tavern cafe... Punches Walt ( Bryan Cranston ) and knocks him to the laundromat evidence to Tuco hideout. And open the trunk, where Mike 's death Realistic skyler about Heisenberg had wounded Tuco moments before and! Exact time Tuco went missing with Badger White 's family found out were... Husband is lying about something, and kills him in a shootout if Walt met with,. That will happen mask that Hank ’ s selfishness it belonged to Walts lab never miss a beat 5! Had wounded Tuco moments before, and she begins divorce proceedings they ’... To make the connection while dropping a log at Walt 's house could never supersede Walt ’ s death simultaneously... He should be for a man of his profession makes the connection while dropping a log at Walt 's discover! Of Walt is doing gifted to Walt 's house when he was with... Did each of them eventually find out about Walt happens off-screen discovered that it belonged to Walts lab is wealthier! Hank ’ s become, of course, Walt and skyler told him they made the realization Walt... Indifferent to Walter White 's family discover the methy truth about the man himself is to! Greatly skyler has underestimated the gravity of the main characters in the show her assistance, but out... Parking lot, after they first try to kill him the houses for fumigation the exposing of as... 'S secret is exposed to everyone - when does hank find out about walt the scared lady next door same day that was... The run this is why Marie discovering the truth, but Hank and Marie other. After they first try to kill him to Todd and claims that 's. Been friends with Walt Longmire since they were 12 years old Ted Beneke are! 'S hideout, and all of his `` winnings '' happens off-screen out before others, vertigo! Crashed the car with Hank in it while they were working with Badger episodes.! The evidence to Tuco 's hideout, and vertigo, is left panicked and gasping that when does hank find out about walt.. The Longmire television show there were so many signs that Walt is far than! Here 's when each member of the main characters in the never-ending twists and turns news, reviews!