Don't feed anything more than 50% bigger than his fattest part (even that is probably not the best idea). A little trial and error and some experimentation, and you will prey, but live prey will present some challenges. Keep reading for more information on feeding your ball python the right size mouse. If you have a hard time judging how big around your snake is compared to the size of prey at the pet store, measure your snake at the widest part of its body. As a general rule, you should offer mice or rats that are roughly the same width as the snake's midsection. You can easily access our privacy policy and terms of use. snake. The guy I'm getting him from says he eats a rat about every month, I read it was best to feed it every 10 days to 2 weeks. What size mouse should I feed ball python? Our website is compliant with GDPR and adverstising laws of United States. Answer Save. Pre-killed rodents are ones that have been killed recently – you can request that from your local reptile shop or breeder. #2: Make sure to warm rat prey in warm water/under the lamp to elicit feeding response. Ball pythons are also shy creatures, and don’t like being presented with live prey. If he lacks a lump at all, then the meal is too small. Is it ok to feed 2 mice as opposed to 1 large rat? ), start reviewing your setup and prey sizes. That’s because live rodents might bite and injure your ball python, and feeding frozen prey items is more humane. You can start switching your ball python from mice to rats when it hits around 100-200 grams. What Do Ball Pythons Eat? You should always aim to feed your ball python frozen/thawed (f/t) mice or rats, instead of live prey items. Don’t feed your ball python every time it seems active or alert, or it can lead to obesity. This is a video to help you understand the Appropriate Size rodent to Feed to your Ball python. That’s why it’s important to start switching to rats early (mice will be too small when it becomes older). every 10 to 14 days, and you should also maintain a regular feeding schedule. No, ball python will not accept fish as food and won’t attempt to eat it, as ball pythons eat warm-blooded creatures. So then, what is the appropriate size rodent to give a snake? You should feed a ball python from 0-1 years old around once in 5-7 days. My feeding chart should be able to help give a rough estimate of how long a ball python will need to feed on each different rodent size. Our site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for our site to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affilliated sites. If feeding frozen mice or rats, make sure to thaw them properly before offering. Don’t use a microwave to heat food items, as it will cook its insides and can burn your ball python when it eats it. settled on feeding the animal mice, you might wonder: What size mouse do I feed my ball python? The most correct thing to do is to weigh your ball python and mice, and calculate percentages as shown in the first table. If a ball python is hungry, it will often start wandering around or start seeming more alert and watching its surroundings (testing cage limits) at night. 7 Answers. Make sure your ball python’s tank is warm enough to aid digestion. I feed mine live mice/rats and you would be surprised how well they take them down. Secondly, you need to use long feeding tongs or hemostat like this when feeding, to avoid your ball python striking at your hand. You’ll save time and money right away with this easy-to-follow handbook. against some of the feeders they have on hand. First of all, you must wash your hands properly after handling food items. their name because they have no fur and appear pink. That will save you money, time, and prevent any injuries/stress to your ball python and rodents. #6: If it’s not accepting rats, remove mice from the diet and only offer 1 appropriately sized rat. Ball pythons require fresh drinking water for drinking and soaking daily. Don’t leave food items outside for too long, as it can lead to bacterial growth. Most ball pythons don’t have any issues switching, and accept rats straight away. When the snake is still young, it should be fed more often, You will need to feed your ball python by offering a mouse/rat with feeding hemostat/tongs like this. The snake might not even attempt to eat the large mouse, but if it does, it can result in regurgitation, which is painful for the snake. Over few weeks to couple months, reduce the size of a mouse and increase the size of a rat once it starts eating rats. You can start switching to rats, Small/weaned mouse/fuzzy rat (15-20 grams), Large/adult mouse or rat pup (20-25 grams, up to around 30g for rat pups), Adult mouse, then change to X-Large mouse (around 30-35 grams), or rat pup (30 grams), Weaned rats (30-45 grams), or X-large/Jumbo mouse (35-40 grams), Weaned and then small rats (up to 60 grams, when ball python reaches 450-500 grams), or Jumbo mouse. The key to making sure youre feeding you… If your ball python is not eating, please see this post on causes & tips. Food size for ball pythons is important – prey’s thickest girth should be a bit less or equal to thickest girth of your ball python. Currently my ball python weighs 300g. Hello Everyone, I have a Ball Python and am a new owner. However, start taking action if it’s been more than 2-3 months. Some ball pythons will grow much quicker, reaching 1kg by 2 years of age, while others only by 2.5. They can be slightly larger than the snake's midsection, too. your snake’s body diameter. Anonymous. i dont know if that is enough.What size mice should a 6 month old ball python eat? So, how much and how often should you feed ball pythons? You should transition your young ball pythons of over 200-300 grams to eating rats, as they are bigger in size. If one doesn't eat, I'll offer again in 4 or 5 days. These will both stretch to accommodate the rodent. What size mouse, in comparison to the size of the head, should i feed him? If your ball python is regurgitating food (mouse, rat etc. In general, a ball python can go for 12 months, and even 1.5 years without eating, before starting to eat again. Ball python are opportunistic feeders, so you have to create a feeding schedule. That will make sure that your ball python perceives and accepts what you offer as food. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. That’s because rodents raised in labs are not as nutritious and ones in the wild. Weaned rats (30-45 grams), or X-large/Jumbo mouse (35-40 grams) 350-500 grams. Wild animals rarely eat consistently, and they have evolved to survive this. feeders, like pinkies and fuzzies. A 30" ball python should be able to eat an adult mouse but if it has been fed rats, it may only be willing to eat rats! As he gets bigger add a mouse or two. snake is more inclined to eat. Also what size mouse the snake its 3-4 years old and 31/2 to 4 ft long. the beginning to eat either live or frozen prey, but some are only fed one Re: Which mouse size is appropriate to feed a 4-5 month old male Ball Python weekly? Your best bet is to feed it a "rat pup": a baby rat that is nearly the size of an adult mouse, … pinkies, aged anywhere from five days old to two weeks. Prey-Selection for Ball Pythons. Wash your hands after handling prey items and use feeding tongs/hemostats (at least 15″/38 cm long). Then, you should feed a sub-adult to an adult ball python from 1-3 years old once in 10-14 days. Then, take the string with you to the pet shop to measure it You can use an infrared thermometer like this to check the temperature. If feeding your ball python is giving you anxiety, but you have Relevance. You will need to thaw the rodent before feeding it to your snake, You can feed few mice, but it’s better to feed 1 larger rat, Hatchling ball python, 70-90 grams, first 3-5 meals, Mouse hopper or pinky rat (around 7-12 grams), Mouse hopper and then change to small weaned mice, or fuzzy rat (10-20 grams). While smaller mice that don’t have their eyes open yet are not likely to attack back, you should get your ball python used to eating frozen mice/rats. Heat and dry a mouse/rat before offering. Now all ball pythons grow at different paces, so you can't go by age in determining what your ball python should be eating. Vote. To avoid any substrate ingestion, place a mat, newspaper or similar under a food item. You can remove the mat after feeding. Weaned and then small rats (up to 60 grams, when ball python reaches 450-500 grams), or Jumbo mouse. 250-300 grams. You should feed your ball python inside its cage, and feeding it outside its cage is actually stressful. For more on weight, check out how much a ball python should weigh.. Pattern And Color. If your ball python is not accepting thawed prey, you can get pre-killed mouse/rats and start with that. When you are feeding your snake, it is very important to feed Pre-killed (rodents just killed recently, might be used to help with feeding response in picky eaters or when switching). Some ball pythons that start eating live prey cannot switch to frozen mice/rats and might skip meals. How often should a Ball python be fed? Larger mice will be around 1-1.5 months old. #3: Experiment with rat colors, ball pythons might have preferences. Watch to learn more!Music by BenSound. Ball pythons like routines so pick a day of the week and feed that day every week, and only offer on that day if the snake refuses to eat wait till next week. Leave your snake alone after it has constricted the prey. Also, raw fish can be full of internal parasites that can harm your ball python. This is how to break it down: For example, for a juvenile ball python, you can get a bag of frozen adult mice like this. Mice and rat sizes will also differ. please read this post to identify possible issues (new tab). It's best to get it feeding on rats though, or it'll go through a few mice every feeding as an adult. I want to transition her to rats but what size rat do i … Press J to jump to the feed. Moving your ball python causes it stress, as well as can lead to regurgitation. Feeding your ball python does not need to be a difficult task, In order to tell what your snake should be eating, you locate the biggest part of the snake's body (usually this is in the middle of his body). Don’t handle any hatchling or new ball pythons before first 4-5 successful feeding sessions. It’s a good idea to refresh water every 1-2 days if possible. When they are hatchlings and still young, you are better off feeding them pinkies or fuzzies to … The snake will eat varying sizes of mice depending on their size. Don’t leave the prey item in the cage for more than 24 hours, and watch your ball python is rodent is live. Snakes develop food … You should start with feeding your hatchling baby ball python smaller mice fuzzy or hopper mice for the first few feedings. As your ball pythons reaches adulthood, which takes about two to three years, they will most likely need you to up the feeder size again. Choose whether you want to feed your ball python live prey or Anything larger and the snake will not eat it or could become Also, please keep in mind snakes also are not big eaters around Adults. Ball pythons make great pet snakes for both beginner snake enthusiasts and more experienced owners who enjoy the varying color morphs. can cause injuries to your snake when they bite or scratch. If you take a piece of string cut to that measurement to the pet store, you can do a quick check of the circumference of the prey available to find the best match. They will be able to asses if the animal has developed any health issues reducing their appetite. What size rats should i feed a baby ball python? Stick to feeding mice and rats. From a health standpoint, ball pythons do better on a steady diet of moderately sized rodents -- as opposed to an enormous rodent every two or three weeks. Obviously, the size mouse or rat you feed your snake should change depending on the size of the snake being fed. Handling before that will disrupt digestion, will cause stress and can cause regurgitation. A 30" ball python should be able to eat an adult mouse but if it has been fed rats, it may only be willing to eat rats! Also, while feeding, either put your snake in a bucket with the mouse and cover it with a towel or coo your snake while holding the food by the tail. Grasp a prey rodent on the back and wiggle until your ball python constricts. If you wish, you can dust the prey item with calcium like this with every 4-5 feedings. If size isn’t the problem, sometimes alternative prey can stimulate ball pythons. I converted the chart to a single JPG for your ease of download and referral. Change the Prey Type. Some ball pythons don’t like being watched eating. Make them a little more appealing by taking tongs and wiggling 1 decade ago. This increases chances of your ball python eating. feeding them pinkies or fuzzies to accommodate the snakes smaller size. Pinkies are the youngest and smallest of the feeder mice, getting 2. You can read more about ball python tank heating and ideal temperatures here. Then we tried a smaller mouse and still he wasnt interested … This for me is very much age and snake size related, as well as the prey size. Try feeding it the pinky mice first and test him/her on it … Also, if you don’t use UVB in the cage, your ball python would benefit from some vitamin D3 and calcium. Do you worry about feeding them the right food? If you have found any issue with husbandry, fix it and see if your ball python keeps the meal down with next feeding. Make sure you have a bowl with water for your ball python at all times in the cage. No, ball pythons don’t need supplements. Ball pythons do best when fed mice no bigger than their body’s cause problems for your snake and you. If ball python is over 2 years of age, calculate 5-7%, Medium to lower end range weight Large rat, or 3 large mice, or 2 smaller rats. Choosing the Prey Size . Then measure the string without having to have the snake hold still. It is threatened by hunting for its meat and for the international pet trade. 500-750 grams. However, most people get a ball python that’s over 100 grams, and you can start switching to rats straight away. As your ball python grows and gains weight, switch to larger sized rodents. Hopefully, now you can feed your snake with confidence. knowing the proper size is key to avoiding any digestive problems for your If you have to or would prefer to feed a defrosted mouse hopper or rat pinkie, you will need to warm them up so the baby ball python thinks it’s alive. This nonvenomous constrictor is the smallest of the African … Do I start feeding it Pinkies then move to bigger sizes or just start with the small variety and then move up? How much you need to feed your python is very important. If your snake continues not to be interested in food, be sure to If offering live rodents, keep an eye and don’t leave an uneaten rodent in a cage alone with your ball python. Normally, baby ball pythons will eat either pinky mice or smaller sized mice (baby mice). A ball python, once it reaches adulthood, will eat approximately Close. I converted the chart to a … Thaw frozen rodents in a fridge overnight, and then you can heat them in a bag by inserting in hot water/under a lamp. Feeder mice called fuzzies are a little bit older and larger than Keep in mind, if the feeder is too small, the snake might not get In other words, the feeder rodent should be 1 to 1 1/2 times the diameter of your snake’s middle. Eventually, remove mice from the diet. This essentially involves making three decisions: You must decide what species to feed your pet, you must determine the proper prey size to offer your snake, and you must decide whether you want to feed your pet live or frozen-thawed prey. Purchase frozen mice and thaw them before feeding. Feeding one larger meal is always better than trying to feed two smaller ones. This is the guide you’ve been looking for everywhere. The answer varies. #4: Offer a rat and a mouse together. Feeding very large meal (or overly large rodents) might make your ball python not eat after, for a long period of time. It’s always a good idea to feed your ball python frozen/thawed rodents instead of live. Many ball pythons will reject a wet or cold food item. If you’re considering adding some variety to your ball python’s You wouldn’t want to feed a hatchling corn snake a full-grown rat, nor would it make sense to give a full-grown ball python pinkie mice! While your ball python can eat chicks/chicken, it can also get used to eating them (even addicted). Dry and heat the prey items before offering. It is better to feed the snake too small of rodent than too However, as your ball python gets larger (up to a year old or so), you will need to either feed 2-3 mice, or switch to small adult rats. If a prey rodent bites your ball python, it can lead to infections and even death. Weighing your ball python and food items will be the most reliable way to determine how much to feed your ball python. That’s especially true once your ball python gets older. Gradually reduce scenting as your ball python is eating rats for few times in a row. I have raised a lot of ball pythons and if he is an established eater then a hopper or a medium adult mouse is great. It will also lead to bacterial growth and tissue deterioration. I love that pic of Casper, stretching wide for his small mouse. frozen. This might also cause unnecessary stress. Allow up to few hours for your ball python to eat, up to 24 hours. Adult ball pythons don't always need as much food compared to how much they were eating as younger snakes, since their growth rates slow down. So by that math, 45g rat is the desired weight. Black, Brown, White, Yellow Spots on Iguana - Reasons and Tips, Breeding Leopard Geckos 101 - Mating, Egg Laying, Incubation. If it only eats a small mouse, don’t offer another mouse to leave it a bit hungry. the proper nutrition and might need to be fed more often. Small rat (60-70 grams) or 2 adult mice, or up to 10-15% of your ball python’s weight if under 2 years of age, Small-medium rat or 2-3 adult mice (60-100 grams). That’s because your ball python might accept only 1 food item, and refuse to eat more. #1: First of all, you can ‘scent’ a rat with mouse or its substrate, so that it has the smell. Your ball python needs to eat warm-blooded prey food items. No, you should skip meals when your ball python is in shed. mice ladder, but always keep in mind the size of the snake before feeding. once your ball starts putting on some weight and size move to large adult mice then to multiple prey items. Some of the links may be affiliate in nature meaning we earn a small commission if an item is purchased. Normally, baby ball pythons will eat either pinky mice or smaller sized mice (baby mice). It would be best if you asked what they have been fed in the past Please start switching from mice to rats at 100-150+ grams, sooner, the better. Adult mouse, then change to X-Large mouse (around 30-35 grams), or rat pup (30 grams) 300-350 grams. A mouse as big around as the snake should be good. When you feed your snake, there should be a small noticeable lump in his body, indicating that the meal was big enough for him. My female, Kage, is about 3'3" and she can take down a small rat. I want to get my baby ball python on rats as soon as i buy it...what size RATS are suitable for a BABY ball python? the animal in front of your snake. The ball python (Python regius), also called the royal python, is a python species native to West and Central Africa, where it lives in grasslands and shrublands.It is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List because of its wide distribution. Size Rat to Feed Ball Pyhon. A small mouse is but a snack for an adult Ball Python. But a common concern among ball python owners everywhere is getting their pet snake to eat regularly. I offer food to my Ball [Royal] Python every week. Some ball pythons become more active day before and on the day of feeding, especially if you have a feeding schedule. Your snake will let you know if they are not hungry by not eating Start switching to rats at 150 grams+, 5-7% of your ball python’s weight. Feed your ball python a mouse no larger than the diameter of their body at the widest point. them a mouse of the proper size. However, some owners advice to dust the prey items with calcium or a multivitamin with every few feedings. I think hes big enough to eat adult mice, but he is very skinny and seems malnourished. For a wild-caught ball python, it might help to try a brown mouse, gerbil, hamster or other type of nonwhite rodent of appropriate size. Please remember, that the table only presents approximate weights and sizes of rats. What is more, if offering thawed food items, heat them first for 10-15 minutes under a lamp or similar. Wiggle a prey and let your ball python take it. I believe consistent, reliable access to prey and supervised nutrition is in the best interest of promoting the animals welfare in captivity. There are pros and cons to each, but you will need to see what You can go slightly larger than this, but not much. Snakes coming from reputable breeders are usually trained from They start coming out late, by the end of the day – that’s when you should feed it. Make sure everything is optimal. These mice or rats are going to be fighting for their lives and Also, don’t handle your ball python straight before feeding and don’t move it to a separate container to feed. Ball pythons are notorious for losing their appetite – which can be caused for no reason as well. Spend Less Time Figuring Out What To Do And More Time Enjoying Your Pet. Don’t handle your ball python after feeding, for at least 2-3 days. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. Introducing prey any larger than the diameter of the body can approximately every five to six days, but once a week. Use the same rule of thumb you use for mice when you are looking Feeding your snake is an important aspect of ownership, and gets stuck in the mouth or esophagus. When learning about ball python diet and feeding, it’s important to know which food and prey items to feed, what size foods to feed, how often to feed a baby and adult ball python, and other things such as how to tell when a ball python is hungry. Right now i feed my ball python a fuzzy mouse every week. Remember to measure and do not feed your snake anything larger Posted by just now. You might also have issues with choking if the too large rodent thing. Most pythons can swallow a pinky whole. To switch from live to frozen, you should always warm up prey items to 100 and even up to 110 F to elicit a feeding response. You should feed your juvenile ball python once a week. Frozen prey is a good alternative if your snake accepts it. Also start taking action if there’s weight loss of above 5-10% of ball python’s body weight. Kage is 4 1/2" inches in girth. Use feeding tongs to offer food. 1-2 food items. Are you concerned about feeding your ball python correctly? So, even if feeding live rodents at the moment, you should soon consider moving to f/t rodents. maneuver the tape measure, there is a simple solution. That’s because ball pythons are shy, and don’t like being watched eating. Are you finding it hard to figure out the widest part of the snake’s body? Heat a rodent after it has thawed in the fridge overnight. your snake is used to and what it prefers. diet, consider feeding them rats, but again, size is important. That snake can handle an adult mouse. Once in 2-2.5 weeks, or once in 3-3.5 weeks if offering a large meal. Take a piece of string and fit it around the snake’s body. This can also apply to eating only live or pre-killed mice/rats. What is more, they are going to be more aggressive, and can seriously injure and scare/stress your ball python. But for my baby snake I feed him regular mice. No, ball pythons will not eat eggs as they won’t recognize it as food. know what works best for you and your ball python. Also, make sure to properly wiggle and slightly (don’t push) rub a rodent against your ball python’s body and snout. Baby ball pythons will get full from 1 small sized prey, but an adult might need 1-2. Keep offering a mouse + rat with next feedings. You can also strongly encourage a Ball Python to take a second (or third) rodent during the last stages of swallowing the previous one. Feed your ball python a mouse no larger than the diameter of The first step in feeding your ball python is to select the proper prey item. Please note, that most ball pythons get used to eating only one type of prey, and will have issues switching to something else. The snake will eat varying sizes of mice depending on their size. Small fuzzy/hopper mouse or similar. Others might have an issue switching, and it can take weeks to months to get back on track. older, larger mice, so once your snake is large enough to eat those, introduce Copyright © 2019 - 2021 - Oaks Industries LLC - All Rights Reserved. Hi, i have a ball python that is 5 months old that is currently eating 1 mouse every 7 days. However, always make sure to set a feeding schedule once your ball python is eating normally. Allow at least 14 days after regurgitation before your feed your ball python again. Make sure to check your ball python’s face pits regularly for any stuck substrate. Sooner, the better. and the availability of mice, live or frozen, makes their dinner easily but do not use the microwave or boil them. If you feed this size prey, ball python a couple years or younger generally does great with 1 mouse or rat per week. If the pinky mouse is of equal or lesser size, it is safe for feeding. Wiggle the prey item, to spike your ball python’s interest. accessible for you. Size Rat to Feed Ball Pyhon. As your ball python grows, you will need to offer larger sized rats. I would suggest starting out with 1 small adult mouse a week. You can put it in a bag to avoid wetting and submerge in hot water, or heat on a plate above boiling water. Please be patient and monitor your ball python’s weight. Once your ball python reaches maturity at around 3 years old, feed it once in 2-2.5 weeks, or even 3 weeks if offering a larger meal. Rats also have a similar scale to mice when it comes to different If the baby ball python doesn’t feed, simply take the food item out and try again a few days later. Make sure you offer right sized food – your ball python won’t eat any prey items that are too small. Adult ball pythons don't always need as much food compared to how much they were eating as younger snakes, since their growth rates slow down. Mouse/Rat Size and Comparison Chart Hi everyone, I recently came across this excellent comparison chart for Mice and Rats online. Most first time keepers make the mistake of offering baby Ball Pythons pinky or fuzzy mice and will be frustrated by the fact that this is not a food item their snake will want or eat. Baby Ball Pythons right out of the egg can eat a regular sized hopper mouse. at feeding them rats. When they are hatchlings and still young, you are better off You can also use a multivitamin like this with every 5-6 feedings (separately from calcium, switch). What size RATS are suitable for a BABY corn snake? 6. The above information is great for telling the age of growing ball pythons, but there’s a problem once they get past four years old.. It’s more difficult and nearly impossible to tell how old they are within the year when they reach the ends of their lives, which could be up to 30 years. That’s because your ball python is likely to refuse food, will be stressed and feel vulnerable. the food you place in the cage. Most ball pythons won’t accept food unless it’s warm, as they have heat sensing pits that help detect prey. Constantly trying to feed a ball python when it’s not eating will only cause it not to eat for longer. Based on the size of the python and the ease of finding food, this tends to mean rodents in captivity; the vast majority of ball pythons are fed on either rats or mice of a suitable size. Don’t offer prey items by hand – your ball python might sense heat coming off you and then bite you by mistake. Do not go by their head or neck size. before bringing your new ball python home. injured, choke, or die. Ball pythons are carnivores, and need to be fed meat on a regular basis. Favourite answer. Feed your ball python after twilight/sunset, as that’s when your ball python will be interested in eating. What Does Normal Leopard Gecko Poop Look Like? This is a mouse with a 1.5 to 2 inch body length. My ball python has always been a good eater for the months i've had him, however, this week we tried to feed him a rat and he wouldn't take. Ball pythons have heat sensing pits and warm and dry prey item will make them eat. Feeding baby Ball Pythons. You should feed a baby ball python, which is under a year old, smaller mice or rats. Your ball python will also feel scared and vulnerable to eat outside its cage, thus can try to bite. Never feed any wild-caught rats or mice, as they might be carrying ticks and fleas. Leave your ball python in its cage so it feels safe, and don’t handle for at least 3 days to let it digest a meal. And because ball pythons generally have a hard time switching, make sure you offer something that you can always get. rats. #5: If your ball python is not eating, skip 1-3 meals and then offer a scented rat. Obviously, the size mouse or rat you feed your snake should change depending on the size of the snake being fed. The best things to feed your ball python are frozen-thawed rodents (the rodents will be sold to you in frozen form, but you’ll want to let them warm up to room temperature before offering them to your snake).

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