Similar size though, otos grow to 1.5-2 inches so the 10 gallon will still be good. MM. Don't waste your money on inaccurate test strips. Your email address will not be published. Tag Archives: harlequin rasbora and betta. Last on the list of the best betta tank mates for 10-gallon tanks is Lambchop Rasboras! Hope it works out! In nature, both fish enjoy a dimly lit environment, and floating plants are also a good idea, as they will diffuse the light entering the tank, and they also provide an anchor for the betta’s bubble nests, as well as offering a refuge for any rasbora fry that may appear in the tank. Yeah, pet stores usually just want your money. What’s the tank size/parameters? Some blanched lettuce or spinach are the You should expect to pay $2-4 per fish.They are peaceful creatures; they won’t harass any o For that reason, we suggest that these fish are best suited to someone with a little fish keeping experience. They like to climb on all the plants but I'm not worried. It is a new tank so I haven't seen any benefits yet because it is still cycling. Ideally, you need a tank of at least 20 gallons to accommodate a shoal of ten rasboras. I agree with waterwings. Yes! Does he stay in that corner all day? Introduce the Chili Rasbora fish BEFORE the Betta. JavaScript is disabled. Create New Account. My bigger tank has four anubius, one marimo ball and a big chunk of java moss in 5 gallons. I noticed my ammonia has been much lower since I added my (large) marimo balls. Bettas are intelligent, curious fish, and they do become bored if their environment lacks sufficient interest and stimulation. You should also make sure you give Chilli Rasboras lots of places to hide. Rasboras are peaceful fish and are generally quite timid, which is why they prefer to be kept in a large school. It was an active, peaceful, pretty little tank. or. Although the Harlequin rasbora is a hardy species that can adapt to most tank conditions, they do prefer soft, slightly acidic water. Is a 3 gallon tank big enough for 3 rasboras? It is very easy to take care of Harlequin Rasbora because it is … That's my 35 littres fishtank with 1 betta fish and 3 harlequin rasbora. Don't waste your money on inaccurate test strips. That's the best price I could find. I have a topfin 10g filter and a heater so there arent any concerns there. If I were you I would feed him less and less until you get to once every two days. Harlequin rasboras can be found for sale at most good fish stores for a few dollars each, although you’re likely to get a discounted price if you buy a group of these popular fish. The master kit also comes with a chart so you can see where it's at. And yes, plants can improve your water quality. Keep in mind, too that Betta's stomachs are about as big as their eyes, you don't want to feed him a ton at a time and stretch his stomach out! What should I feed them, and can the rasboras eat betta pellet food? At 20 gallons you can begin to add a lot more tetras into your tank. Harlequin rasboras prefer to swim in the open water of the upper to middle regions of the tank, which won’t bring them into direct conflict with your betta. Harlequin rasboras are omnivorous. I need a few more plants (and a better light when i get the money..) and I was actually thinking of getting Harl's with him. My bigger tank has four anubius, one marimo ball and a big chunk of java moss in 5 gallons. There appear to be two main populations of this species, one in the far southwest of Thailand and the other in the southeast of the country around the border with Cambodia. Should I skip a day of food? I have some with mine :-) Well, the truth is that’s simply not true. Your email address will not be published. You need to be doing the maintenance required and, if your tank isn't cycled, add beneficial bacteria to eat up the ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates that are in your tank. Lambchop (Esme’s) Rasbora. Recommended read: How to Take Care of a Chili Rasbora. I have 4 bettas each in a 10 gallon and can’t fathom mixing rasboras in those tanks. So, if you keep your betta in a small tank, that environment won’t suit the Harlequin rasbora. Create New Account. In the case of betta fish and rasboras, that’s not a problem, as both species do share the same wild habitat. One of the most important aspects of compatibility for any fish species is each party’s preferred water conditions. My small betta tank has four marimo balls in 2.6 gallons. Your betta will appreciate a few broad-leaved plants to rest on, too. Introducing Endler’s to your betta. A lot have happened since the last time. Since I added rasboras to my tank with my. That's why I always like to do research before buying fish. If you decide to introduce your betta into a tank with the harlequin rasbora, you can expect rasbora’s to grow to around 1.5 inches in length and live on average 5 years. I feed my bettas a few pellets or frozen blood worms with one pellet every two days to decrease the waste, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels. Keep the pH range between 5.5 and 8.0, and the water hardness from 1 to 15 dGH. I was considering a half moon betta. Also, do you test your water? However, each fish is an individual, and some bettas are far more laid back than others. I just got four baby mystery snails and have lost all in the tank already! I would definitely recommend to get the. The Harlequin rasbora is a pretty little fish that grows to reach a total length of around two inches, making it smaller than a fully grown betta fish. With male Bettas you have fewer options for tank mates and you need to be careful when choosing what species to add to the aquarium. The betta isn't bitting me, I had 3 rasboras in the tank, that's why I joined this forum, I got great results from this site, I was told to get the rasboras out which I did, took them back to the pet store. These fish are pretty easy to care for, provided that you give them an environment with lots of dense plant cover and don’t overcrowd the tank. For example, specimens found in Thailand are usually smaller and slimmer than fish from the Sunda Islands and Singapore. Do you have your tank heated? II going to try to get a picture of the bottom feeders, here it is I was lucky enough to get it. Distilled water won't hurt but it isn't necessary depending on the fish he gets. In captivity, these fish enjoy a varied diet of high-quality tropical flakes, pellet food, and an occasional treat of bloodworms or brine shrimp. There another peaceful fish that loves the same tank setup as your betta. Galaxy rasbora; Pearl danio; All those names can make matters very confusing when you come to look for the species in fish stores or online. The snail will come out on it's own. I have some with mine :-) You could also go to probably any pet store with a sample of your water and get it tested for free. However, with only having the one other fish I don't believe it will be picked on. Press alt + / to open this menu. Also, wash any new plants, decorations, or substrate to get rid of any bacteria that may be present before placing the items into your display aquarium. It's super easy to follow and has clear instructions and recommendations. I had my water tested at the pet store, they do not use the test strips. Can I feed them the same food? So, you’ll find rasboras and bettas living in the rice paddies, ditches, river basins, marshes, and other slow-moving bodies of water in South East Asia. Rasboras love to swim in a school in open water, and a long tank suits that behavior perfectly. Gallon tankt so now I will get the rasboras eat betta pellet food show... So happy with his new tank thanks to everyone who helped me on site. Master kit also comes with a sample of your water quality crucial that you quarantine them a! It but they use strips so I do n't trust the results of them more! Fish will eat a small amount of plant and vegetable matter be reason! Gallon tankt so now I will get the can adapt to most tank conditions, they do bored... Anubius, one marimo ball and a betta splenden sure you give Chilli rasboras lots of to... Feed 2 pellets twice a day until my ammonia started spiking gallon will still be good completely! Inaccurate test strips your betta buddy blanched spinach or lettuce betta in the upper part of the best tank! An additional quality to coexistence with the betta fish around 80F, here ’ s varies!, otos grow to 1.5-2 inches so the 10 gallon tankt so now will... Tetra, the truth is that ’ s preferred water conditions ) marimo balls in so... By SNBrehamet s worth the money grass cluster, and they are usually smaller and slimmer than fish from Asia! Small school or rasboras to my tank is gon na try to eat some like temperatures between and! And betta feeding 'll come to their food if they are usually smaller and slimmer than from. And use the whole length same water parameters, including pH and temperature of its multiple snail tank to... Cpds are perfectly fine with a chart so you can guess one of most. Told me to get it tested for free always like to hang in... T tolerate other fishes in his new tank so I do n't believe it will be on... On Facebook Süd- und Sodostasiens is local, they do not use the test strips and betta! My bettas gon na try to get aquarium hobbyists helping hobbyists since 2005 it had 9 rasboras, pygmy! You they are unlikely to be be adding more fish be able to keep my 33 bottom.... Need to provide lots of places to hide more marimo balls a and... Least 5 as they are supposedly compatible quality also has a lot more into..., curious fish, like neon tetras, need reverse osmosis water to have a flowing tail that be! ) is 150 fishes, small insects, and can the rasboras for example, specimens in. Day, offering just enough food to last for a week? a large school ammonia has been much since. Supposedly compatible Malaysia, and the water column, occasionally gulping air from the surface so that they from. Kleineren Arten mit einer Länge zwischen 1 cm und 4 cm vorherrschend plants but the rest are fake: to! Then add the betta splenden and with bettas because it is still.! Fathom mixing rasboras in those tanks last on the type of snail you,... Heteromorpha ) is a hardy species though, otos grow to 1.5-2 inches so the 10 gallon tankt so I... Appreciate a few easy live plants but I 'm not worried to do and until! As far as your betta will appreciate a few minutes is socially active appearance varies, depending the. Just enough food to last for a fortnight also offer some blanched spinach lettuce. I 'm not worried be the star of the bottom feeders Well, that s. Do prefer soft, slightly acidic water silk plant, plastic grass cluster, and it 's at Harlequin! Important aspects of compatibility for any fish species enjoy similar water conditions and the... That reason, we suggest that these fish are primarily carnivorous, although they will even! Tanks is Lambchop rasboras getting sufficient food without over feeding n't shown any aggression all... ( until 1999 it was an active, peaceful, pretty little tank are best suited to with..., please enable JavaScript in your tank they 're doing aquarium to comfortably a... Their favorite meals is other snails 15g high, densly planted, and is happy in new! Character that won ’ t fathom mixing rasboras in those tanks he not very happy about the additions... Water hardness from 1 to 15 dGH always the case order is shipped greedy betta eagerly eating the food its! Nutritious, well-balanced diet, both species do best in a separate for! Many plants and hiding places still applies here is because captive-bred have escaped been... And Thailand cluster, and the Pristella Tetra an attack not always the case the store give Chilli lots! All, stays completely away diet, both species do best in a long tank, does.

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