With AmpliTube 5 (and other recent modeling plugins), that’s no longer the case. The good news is, that investment consists of immersing yourself in a world of stellar tones. Read my guide on MIDI foot controllers to learn more about this. Guitar Rig 6 and AmpliTube 5 both released in 2020. It provides a wide range of possible tone modifications with a huge range of gear and with a new, flexible, very easy to use interface which I found a great improvement over version 4. You could use a MIDI foot controller to control a wah, whammy pedal, or any other effect parameter you want in AmpliTube 5. IK used robotic arms to place microphones on the speaker cabs when capturing its new impulses. If you already have AmpliTube 4, you may wonder whether it’s worth upgrading to version 5. But it’s a massive improvement to be able to change the window size. IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 Complete is a real studio for amplification, modeling and processing of various guitar sound effects. The best gear – emulated or not – not only makes you want to play, but should also feel like you’re playing and sounding better. When you click on any component in the signal chain view, the gear view will bring up a clear view of the gear. Not only are they given a facelift to fit the new photo-realistic look, but there’s sonic improvements too with upscaled gain structures and power amp modelling along with enhanced interaction with all of those speaker IRs. Amplitube is decently approachable guitar software that packs a hefty selection of stompboxes, amplifiers, cabinets, speakers, microphones, effects, and rack units. Once you select the audio driver that suits your hardware, you can set up the input and output channels. Hi, I just joined. AmpliTube 5 was forged with 20 years of research and collaboration with the industry's top brands and artists, IK's Dynamic Interaction Modeling captures every nuance of each gear model. There’s a lot of variation in the type of response across the board in terms of how the sound compresses on different models, this definitely isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach. AmpliTube 5’s interface has had a big overhaul and improved many of the areas I felt were lacking in AmpliTube 4. But if you aren’t already familiar with the Helix interface, it’s not ideal. In AmpliTube 5 you can split the signal to run two amps or even three amps, which is a great way to blend together different amp tones for a big sound. In total, this adds-up to over 400 gear models across the board! Technology. AmpliTube 5 offers powerful tools whatever your goals. by Jarrett Moses July 1, 2020 • 4 min read Guitar VST’s are taking over the recording industry. Then you can set up when you want the reverb to start fading in and how much to fade it in in your DAW as shown below: If you haven’t experimented with automations in a DAW before, they can give you a lot of control over any track you record. If you have used AmpliTube 4, you’ll find it easy to learn the new interface. In the above example, I added a drive pedal in front of the amp, a chorus pedal to the amp’s effects loop, then a hall reverb rack effect at the very end of the signal chain. Check out the comparison table on this page under the versions section to double-check the different features and included (new) gear in each version before you decide to upgrade. IK Multimedia unveils AmpliTube 5 – a giant leap for ‘ampkind’… IK Multimedia’s leading amp and effects modeling software takes a giant leap forward with the unveiling of AmpliTube 5.The AmpliTube series accurately captures the sound, feel and vibes of the world’s most-sought after guitar and bass gear in a perfect format for practicing, recording and … The tones I can set up for my recordings in AmpliTube 5 are far better than what I’m able to capture if I mic up my amp at home. IK Multimedia AmpliTube 5 MAX comes bundled with over 400 gear models, including a virtual collection of meticulously rendered … The VIR cabinet technology gives you serious flexibility with how you set up your virtual mic positions. How Do I Use Custom Impulse Responses With AmpliTube 5? AmpliTube 4 feels seriously outdated now that I’m comfortable with the new interface. There’s the overhauled GUI, which simplifies navigation and is also scaleable. If you use the standalone version of AmpliTube 5, it includes a multitrack recorder. AmpliTube 5 is available as four versions: CS, SE, ‘Standard’ and Max. The software can be … As somebody who used AmpliTube 4 for a very long time, this was quick and easy to use. Of course, how closely any of the presets match the song depends on the guitar you play and your playing style, but it truly surprised me. Many of the amps look almost identical to their real versions, so this is a great way to learn how to use classic and iconic amps and get a feel for how each one sounds. If you also want to get an audio interface to use with AmpliTube 5, check out these AmpliTube 5 + Axe I/O bundles at Sweetwater. Also play around with the rack effects, which you can also add to any position in the rig. In practice, you don’t have to worry too hard about what’s going on under the hood - you can change your cab settings using the ‘room’ view by dragging the virtual mic around, or if you want more detail there’s the V.I.R. Otherwise, you might need to scan for plugin changes. Play around with the four different options and decide which one suits you best for this tone. Click the routing buttons on the bottom right and hear how your tone changes as you toggle through the different options. If you like what you hear, you can upgrade or go a la carte with in-app purchases via the redesigned Custom shop store section of AmpliTube.. We were sent the full-fat Max version for review, which includes the same AmpliTube 5 models and features as the two paid-for versions, but you also get 11 of IK Multimedia’s official artist and brand add-on packs, including the Fender Collection 1 & 2, Orange, Mesa/Boogie, Slash, Brian May, Joe Satriani and more. The free version is fun for experimentation and the paid versions provide an awful lot of gear for the money. AmpliTube 5 includes a lot of wah pedals, pitch shifters, and other effects that only work when you have an expression pedal to control them. Once you find an amp you like the sound of, I suggest deciding on whether you want to run a mono rig, stereo rig, or even three-amp rig. AmpliTube 5 SE puts all of the essential guitar tones right at your fingertips. While there are countless presets you can play around with, a good way to learn how to use AmpliTube is to start from scratch and build up your rig one piece at a time. The change to the interface makes AmpliTube 5 much easier to use. With a guitar pick, shaped a little like a V, and a release date of 29 October, that's enough to set the internet alight with speculation that this is AmpliTube 5. Here’s a quick summary of AmpliTube 5’s core features: Check out more details on AmpliTube 5 or buy it here on the IK Multimedia website (this is an affiliate link that earns me a small commission if you buy AmpliTube 5 at no extra cost to you). The aspect ratio of the window stays the same, so if you maximize the window you will end up with black bars on the side as shown above. Choose from industry standard mics then mic vertically, horizontally, back and forth, on-or off-axis – it's intuitive and effective. Once you’re happy with your setup, save your preset by clicking the icon on the top left (highlighted below): You can name your preset, choose where to save the file, add notes, or add tags to the preset to make it easier to find in the future. Key point: I can’t emphasize how useful this view is and how much of an upgrade it is over AmpliTube 4. Here are the four main gear views: This is another nice upgrade over AmpliTube 4, which used a menu system to find components. Compared to AmpliTube 4, AmpliTube 5 is easier to use, looks better, sounds better, and gives you far more flexibility with how you set up and control your tones. Please refresh the page and try again. When it comes to multi-speaker cabinets, the interactions between the speakers and immediate environment (such as floor reflections) are maintained in the IR. To install AmpliTube 5, you first need to install the IK Multimedia Product Manager. For some people, it will be an obvious improvement and worth the upgrade while other people may not see a big enough change. IK Multimedia has announced AmpliTube 5, the latest edition of its flagship amp and effects modelling software.Its major additions include over 100 new gear models, a reworked cabinet section and a new mixer window. Here are my thoughts on how they compare. The ‘advanced’ tuner includes more information such as the strobe view and a chart showing your pitch. This is a welcome change and the new graphics and layout look great maximized on a large monitor. You keep all of the gear you purchased in AmpliTube 4 when you upgrade to AmpliTube 5. Take one look at the below screenshot of Helix Native and think about how natural it feels to tweak an amp’s settings using sliders. While Helix Native packs in some amazing tones and effects, the interface seriously holds it back. I felt the same as I went through other collections such as the Slash, Brian May, and Jimi Hendrix collections. This may be an annoying step if you haven’t already purchased anything by IK Multimedia, but I now find it a handy way to update the various plugins I use from them. AmpliTube 5’s interface is split into three sections as highlighted below: You’ll see this layout whether you use the standalone version or load AmpliTube 5 in a DAW as a plugin. Find out more here. A big change in AmpliTube 5 is with the cabinet models. AmpliTube 5 has raised the bar again, by a large margin. When you first open the standalone version of AmpliTube 5, it will ask you to set up your audio hardware. An experienced audio engineer will be able to tell them apart, but to everybody else, they may as well be the same thing. If you also own a Helix pedal, then you’ll already be familiar with the interface and it won’t be a negative point for you. Set up a track then look through your plugins to add AmpliTube 5 to the track. You may want to click the Control Panel button to bring up your audio driver’s settings and make sure everything is properly set up. It is far easier to use and understand than the AmpliTube 4 interface. There are a few other popular amp and effects plugins that directly compete against AmpliTube 5. Each track on the looper works independently, and both can be set to perform differently at the same time via the two modes. AmpliTube 5 does both. Plus I’m able to easily switch between countless amp models – something I definitely cannot do at home with real amps. Once you set up your audio hardware, you can close the settings screen and use Amplitube 5 as you like. This is a fantastic idea and allows you to position the virtual mic anywhere you want in the captured area and use the impulse response from that position. The course will teach you principles you can use to get the most out of AmpliTube 5 or any other real or virtual guitar effects. Thank you for signing up to Musicradar. The signal chain display uses icons of the gear used so you can easily tell what you have in your rig. As a guitarist, you’ll likely prefer tweaking and controlling your pedals, amps, cabinets, and rack gear like this compared to something like Helix Native which uses a bunch of sliders. Do I Keep All My Gear When Upgrading to AmpliTube 5? This is great to see because if you bought a lot of gear in AmpliTube 4 using their Custom Shop, you could use the free AmpliTube 5 CS version and it will unlock all of your previously purchased gear. While I felt AmpliTube 4’s interface was fine, the interface and how you use AmpliTube 5 is a big improvement. It’s a great idea that takes the amazing sound quality of impulse responses and gives you fine control over them. Existing customers who have registered any IK product for 99 USD/EUR or more can upgrade to AmpliTube 5 for the 149.99 USD/EUR intro price or AmpliTube 5 MAX for the 299.99 USD/EUR intro price. If you click the folder icon on the top left of the screen, it brings up the preset browser. Accurately capturing the sound, feel and vibe of the world's most sought-after guitar and bass gear, the new AmpliTube 5 offers a massive increase in gear, features and flexibility.In sync with this launch, IK Multimedia has also released a newly … Visit our corporate site. This, combined with the efficient running speed – free of glitches at low latency settings – means that the response is up there with hardware on our machine. So many amazing sounds have started being produced by plugging the guitar straight into the interface rather than miking up your own amp. If you currently use AmpliTube 4, I suggest downloading the free version of AmpliTube 5 to get a better idea of whether the upgrade is worth it to you or not. And if revolutionizing cab simulation wasn't enough, IK Multimedia remeasured more than 100 cabinets for AmpliTube 5. If you want to set up a backing track to jam over, click the power icon to disable AmpliTube for that track (highlighted in the above screenshot). I got here while searching for discussions of Amplitube 5 users. IK Multimedia’s AmpliTube gets a big update with its newest release, AmpliTube 5. While it’s clear that AmpliTube 5’s interface has had a big overhaul, the sound quality is what matters the most. AmpliTube 5, the latest version of IK Multimedia’s flagship amp and effects modelling software, has officially launched.This latest edition promises “true-to-studio” cabinet sounds and adds more than 100 new gear models, advanced routing capabilities and much more. As mentioned in the video's comments, IK Multimedia launched the hugely successful AmpliTube 4 … The good news is, that investment consists of immersing yourself in a world of stellar tones.Â. Plus, IK Multimedia came up with a process for capturing the interaction between the speakers, cabinet, and flooring for an unbelievably lifelike feel. AmpliTube 5 does both. After many years of AmpliTube 4 being one of the best guitar amp and effects plugins, AmpliTube 5 is finally here. If you want to get the most out of the amp and effects models used in AmpliTube 5 or any other guitar plugin, check out my Guitar Effects Course. Why the history lesson, though? AmpliTube 5 (for Mac/PC) is available now from the IK Multimedia online store and from IK authorized dealers worldwide, with introductory pricing continuing through December as follows:. To go with this, there are five new amp models, two new stompboxes, 19 new rack effects, two room emulations and over 100 brand new cabinets.Â, Talking of cabs, there’s also the new VIR (Volumetric Impulse Response) technology in the cabinet section, which allows you to tweak those 100-plus IRs to your own exact preference thanks to the 143,000 impulse response measurements IK made when capturing them. • Positive Grid BIAS Amp 2 MusicRadar is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. As mentioned, the signal path has been overhauled, allowing for split dual-mono amps, wet/dry/wet rigs, true stereo input and output setups and more. •Â Native Instruments Komplete 13 Compared to AmpliTube 4, AmpliTube 5 is easier to use, looks better, sounds better, and gives you far more flexibility with how you set up and control your tones. You can easily drag gear around the signal chain and replace individual components as you like. One of the biggest new additions to AmpliTube 5 is the V.I.R. AmpliTube 5 CS – free; AmpliTube 5 SE – $/€99.99* intro price (regular price will be $/€149.99) AmpliTube 5 – $/€199.99 intro price (regular price … While we get new amps based on the PRS Archon, Friedman Pink Taco, Bogner XTC and Diezel VH4, plus two bass amps based on Aguilar DB750 and NY410, all of the existing models have been revisited for V5. Â. AmpliTube 5: $149.99** – $199.99 (intro price, regular price will be $299.99) AmpliTube 5 MAX: $299.99** – $399.99 intro price (regular price will be $599.99) Additionally, going forward, anyone who purchases AmpliTube 4 will automatically receive an upgrade to AmpliTube 5 SE. I set the ‘Dynamic 57’ mic dead center of the speaker, then slowly moved it around the grid. AmpliTube 5 brings new features and improvements across … Future Publishing Limited Quay House, The Ambury, In the early days of modeling technology, you could hear that there was a digital or fizzy sound to the amps and tones. At any point, you can drag new gear into the signal chain from the right panel. Check out more details on AmpliTube 5 or buy it here (this is an affiliate link that earns me a small commission if you buy AmpliTube 5 at no extra cost to you). Amp Modeling Plugin by IK Multimedia Check out the Guitar Effects Course here. As soon as I finished installing AmpliTube 5, I spent a couple of hours just jamming and playing around with the different presets, setting up different tones, and experimenting with different cabinet mic positions (covered later). While it’s only visual and doesn’t impact your tone, it does feel nicer to use when you’re turning knobs on an amp that actually looks like the Marshall or Mesa Boogie the model is based on. The mixer view gives you an easy way to blend between the different mics or to set up a DI signal path. The visual representation of the hardware looks so much better than what was used in AmpliTube 4. And AmpliTube 5 premieres our Volumetric Impulse Response engine, leveraging over 600 distinct impulse responses per speaker to set a … You can download the free version (AmpliTube 5 CS) to try it out, but keep in mind that the CS version doesn’t include the VIR cabinet technology and some other features. Throw in IK Multimedia's new VIR (Volumetric Impulse Response) cabinet engine technology, and you get a staggering amount of impulse responses to choose from. The amp, cabinet, and effect models sound just as good as the real amps and pedals I play with. MusicRadar verdict: The best gear – emulated or not – not only makes you want to play, but should also feel like you’re playing and sounding better. The change to the interface makes AmpliTube 5 much easier to use. The different signal paths are color-coded, which makes it easier to clearly tell what components are in each signal path. Check out my full review of Guitar Rig 6 to learn more about it and how it differs from AmpliTube 5. You can drag a stompbox from the front of the amp to the effects loop, split the signal into two or three paths, or enable different effects as you like. The third section is your gear menu to the right, where you select the model you want and drag it into your rig. Accurately capturing the sound, feel and vibe of the world's most sought-after guitar and bass gear, the new AmpliTube 5 offers a massive increase in gear, features and flexibility. I went the Custom Shop route a few years ago buying just SVX and Fender 2 until IK offered me Studio Max 2 for about $80 this year. This gives millimetre-accurate placement, culminating in 600 Impulses per-speaker (that’s individual speaker, not cabinet). Key point: when I jam with the amps and effects in AmpliTube 5, it just feels right. The crunch section is loaded with models from Fender, Orange, Marshall and others while the high-gain offerings range from Marshall, Mesa/Boogie, Peavey, ENGL, Soldano, Carvin Diezel. When it comes to the sound quality of modeling technology like this, the quality has become so good that it’s all about how it feels now. Upon loading, you’re met with a screen split into three sections. Here are the four options and how they change the signal routing (four separate screenshots): These options allow you to split your signal chain up to let you run multiple amps and mix between them. These changes make a noticeable difference as you’d expect, enabling you to completely re-shape the tonal response and timbre in a way that isn’t always possible with EQ. amplitube 5 review (including max collection) New from IK Multimedia is version 5 of their popular AmpliTube application, stand alone and VST/AAX plugins. You’re able to drag components around anywhere you want in the rig and easily see everything in your rig in one view. With the housekeeping out of the way, it’s time to talk about how it works in practice. Here are some common questions you might have about AmpliTube 5: The big change to AmpliTube 5 is the visual interface. You can access a multi-track looper and metronome by clicking the loop icon on the top right of the screen (highlighted below): You can see how easy this is to use and how much control you have over the two loopers. AmpliTube 5 My KVR. While the gear that I’m used to in AmpliTube 4 is still there, the new gear surprised me. The gear selection panel on the right is where you can find stompboxes, amps, cabinets, and rack gear (there’s an icon for each category at the top). So hopefully, it’s clear why this is an important improvement I’m happy to see in AmpliTube 5. The AmpliTube series accurately captures the sound, feel and vibes of the world's most-sought after guitar and bass gear in a perfect format for practising, recording and performing anywhere. Both sound amazing and both are great to use. This is so much better than having to toggle back and forth between different views just to see what pedals, amps, and rack gear are being used. BA1 1UA. The tuner can be accessed by clicking the little tuner icon on the far left of the signal view: There are two options for tuners: easy or advanced. The signal chain has also been revamped - offering completely flexible, drag-and-drop placement of gear in your path. For example, as a big Joe Satriani fan, I was excited to try the gear in the Satriani collection. Overall, the multitrack recorder is a handy feature if you don’t already have a DAW you can use. There’s simply so much to explore that it’ll keep you busy for the foreseeable future. If you already use BIAS FX 2, I suggest downloading the free version of AmpliTube 5 to see whether it suits you or not. Muting every mic except one really sold me on how useful this technology is. Guitar Rig 6 is at it’s best when you want to dive into experimental or atmospheric tones. AmpliTube has long been many guitarists' go-to effects and amp modeling platform, and now the company has unveiled the long-awaited AmpliTube 5. Even non-guitarists love Guitar Rig 6 for the wide range of effects and tones it can produce. Play around with the different options until you find one that suits the type of tone you want to set up. IK has added four buttons representing the flow of each, which saves you having to apply splits and mixers yourself, making building your rig simple, even if the setup is complex. It’s also a great way to quickly capture any ideas you come up with, which is something I often talk about in the Bite-Size Guitar Podcast. Don't miss the latest deals, news, reviews, features and tutorials. The difference between VIR and standard impulse responses (learn about impulse responses in this guide) is that they capture 600 impulse responses per speaker to build up a ‘volumetric’ area instead of only one single point. Most of the time when a company boasts some new technology with a fancy name marked with a ‘TM’, it’s just marketing speak. Once you have added AmpliTube 5 to a track, you can use it before or after recording as you like. The tones sound so good that A/B comparisons between recording real-world amps and using plugins are all about splitting hairs. For many, it was a battle against processing power, lack of hard disk speed culminating in latency. Keep in mind that the CS version doesn’t include the VIR cabinet technology, so you would need to buy the SE version or higher to get the full benefit of upgrading. AmpliTube Custom Shop Review. This is a welcome upgrade over AmpliTube 4’s signal view. In my opinion, this is far more intuitive than the abstract icons used in Helix Native. You’re able to add up to 12 pedals in front of the amp as shown below: You can see that the first six pedals are before the routing icon, then you can place another six pedals after that icon in front of the amp. If you also want to get an audio interface, check out these AmpliTube 5 + Axe I/O bundles at Sweetwater. An in-depth look at IK Multimedia's AmpliTube 5 software. You simply right-click the reverb pedal’s mixer knob and assign it to a parameter. IK Multimedia has unveiled the forthcoming AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop, a freeware guitar amplifier simulation suite. The bottom left of the screen shows your current guitar rig signal chain. The second mode is Rec/Play/OD, wherby playback of your first layer starts immediately after you stop recording, allowing you to kick in an overdub for the next push of the button.Â. You can set up your DAW to control almost any aspect of AmpliTube, which can be handy if you want to toggle between different effects or adjust parameters over time. There are some elements that feel the same as AmpliTube 4 and the newer elements such as the gear selection panel are clear and easy to understand. One of the ways this is an upgrade over AmpliTube 4 is that you can now see icons for each component to give you a better idea of what each one is. The same goes for pedals – all the major food groups are covered in detail with approximations of icons from their respective categories. Every guitarist is different so you may not have an issue with the Helix interface, but there’s no doubt that the AmpliTube interface is clearer and easier to understand at a glance. You can see your entire rig at a glance in one screen – something that isn’t possible in AmpliTube 4. Both also saw big improvements in their visual interfaces. Unless you already own Helix hardware, you’ll probably enjoy using AmpliTube or BIAS FX more. If you are using Windows, select ASIO from the Technology dropdown menu. © I’m impressed with AmpliTube 5 and expect to use it as my go-to amp and effects sim from now on. All together, AmpliTube 5 provides more than 143,000 IRs for you to choose from. AmpliTube 5 comes with a comprehensive suite of stompbox models. If you want a simple Tubescreamer into Marshall amp tone, it’s hard to go past AmpliTube 5. AmpliTube was one of the original modelling plugins. Simply drag your audio file into a track and it will load as shown below: If you do load an audio file into AmpliTube, the default behavior is for that audio to pass through AmpliTube’s signal chain. If you want to get the most out of AmpliTube, it’s worth spending the money to get a decent-sized foot controller. The rig would position the mic, capture an impulse response, angle the mic, capture another response, move the mic slightly to the side, then repeat the process for 600 positions per speaker. Rigs can quickly become complicated, so I felt the color-coding made the signal paths much easier to understand. You will receive a verification email shortly. If you click on any of the pedals in the signal chain, it brings up a pedalboard view where you can tweak and change the pedal settings. The course covers all types of effects and explains how to use them in detail. This tutorial will give you an idea of whether AmpliTube 5 is for you or not before you try it out. IK has helpfully outlined the full differences with this chart. Pricing and Availability. Your DAW can now use that parameter to toggle the Tubescreamer pedal on or off whenever you want.

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