Bursa.34 DIY Shade - Bright Nickel. I put a bulb in my light fixture and measured from the floor to the tip of the bulb. Wow, all that work but it looks gorg as you say! / 40 DIY Chandelier and Ceiling Light Fixture Ideas. Once the shade is off, its just a couple of burning bulbs sitting in a fully-functioning light fixture. Ceiling light fixtures can be boring. Thanks for sharing it with us. Be sure to check out the FAQs tab at the top of the site and my Projects page for paint colors and DIY projects as well.THANKS so much for reading! So, you think you could do this one? I had about 1" of fabric on each side of the seam. Anyway, Bravo! Thank you! I might have to do this in the living room of our apartment. Thanks for the step by step! adding a drum shade to a ceiling fan . That is about as DIY as I get. Affixed to your ceiling by a circular metal plate, this piece showcases a cylindrical drum shade that diffuses light from any medium-base bulb up to 100 W (not included), perfect for washing your space in an ambient glow. I am happy to report – I no longer have an ugly fan light!!! I LOVE IT. Wow what great fabric! DIY Lighting .. I put the seam at a dowel to keep the number of "vertical shadows" minimal. Isn’t she pretty! Sadly, I forgot to snap some pics of it before I started. And it only had two screws inside – one for the smooth wire, one for the ribbed wire. I paid $45 for a pendant light kit that I could attach a shade to! But when I got to Lowe’s there was no “light kit” to be found. Looks great! I used the Wedding Ring Stitch Quilt design by Lena Lok; Vellum paper; Embroidery hoops. Thats just crazy. Love that fabric. The shade is one thing, but you also need a light fixture to put the shade on. Shop for drum shade ceiling light at Bed Bath & Beyond. We’re thrilled to no end now that we can no longer see those ugly bulbs from below. for pricing and availability. You know how to make a girl’s day Several people asked about where I got the tote that was sitting on the bench. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!! Nice work! / 40 DIY Chandelier and Ceiling Light Fixture Ideas. Saved by Madison Mitchell. Flush Mount Drum Shade Decor. I love this! £12.99 to £29.99. Ceiling Fan Drum Light. I might even attempt it! I also just glued to one hoop all the way around so I could pull the fabric taut as I glued to the opposite hoop. DIY Interior. Can you tell me the diameter of the shade? That is gorgeous! DIY Lighting. I had a Philips screwdriver that fit perfectly in the arms (hollow tubes that the wires go through), so I used that to pry and straighten the red hot tube. I got mine at Home Depot and spray painted it chrome. Compare + 3 More. Well, if you follow me on Twitter, you know this project has been a doozy. It worked!! With the right light kit, I followed Carrie’s instructions to assemble the light kit with the drum shade. I also love the fabric you used. No more “boob”. Transform your room with the ambient lighting effect of a lamp shade. They have a bed set in this pattern at TJ Max for $20. Thank you!-- Gabby (the "mantel" girl)nonchalantgirl.blogspot.com. Luckily...all was ok, but it was a little freaky. I've been searching for a couple of days to learn how to cover a shade. And THIS is exactly why I married an electrical engineer. I love the fabric. Dollhouse Ceiling Light – DIY Tutorial + Template (Light Bulb or Non-Working Options) 2020-05-08 2020-12-24 / Decorations, Tutorials / By Rita / 4 Comments. This post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click and make a purchase through these links, I may earn a commission at no extra cost to you. I ended up using a metal rod (since it went straight to the ceiling)... love the fabric!Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.comparty inspiration, Great job! For a seamless effect in a neutral room, choose ceiling light shades in cream, taupe or oatmeal. Unfortunately, there is zero manufacture […] Great project, as ever on your blog. I reassembled the light and painted it. You can also find decorative ceiling fan pull chains like I have at most hardware stores or online. 1.5k. The size of your embroidery hoop will depend on your light fixture and preference. There is a print for every decor aesthetic up for grabs! Amazingly, you do! :). That's an awesome one. Posterboard is only 28" long and plexiglass gets expensive if you start getting bigger than a 18"x24" piece. Add a drum shade to your ceiling fan with a few simple steps that take 5 minutes! If you’ve ever installed a light fixture it’s just like that. But I don’t mess around with electrical stuff, so I took it all apart, and took the socket back to Lowe’s. I LOVE drum lighting! For this DIY, Isabelle LaRue of Engineer Your Space explains how to make a custom shade to spiff up a less-than-exciting ceiling fixture. It’s not staying for long: I always cover the inside edges with ribbon: It finishes it off and covers the ragged edges you’d see with the light on: Even though this is super lightweight, I didn’t want the wires to be the only thing holding it up. A contractor-grade ceiling fixture gets a DIY barrel shade that is attached with--wait for it--earth magnets! Our guest today took a simple drum shade and some fun crystals and made them into a drum shade chandelier: I looove this! Great Savings Free Delivery / Collection on many items For now I took the cord up behind the drapes, down to a plug: I bought a switch to add to the cord so I can just leave it plugged in and turn it on easily, but I may just see if our electrician can run a light switch up from the outlet so I can use that instead. I looked at hanging Chandeliers online that plug into the wall, and they were over $130-$200!!! 4.9 out of 5 stars 18. I was praying Nice Lowe’s Guy was still there, and I actually trolled the aisles for a few minutes, hoping I would find him…and then I almost smacked the cart right into him! Anyone out there ever done this before? Definitely trying this! :), wow, the drumshade is a steal! I am glad you are around to tell us about that! For this shade, I decided to use an 18" quilt hoop. Thx. You may see some things in the following pics that didn't make the cut and were ultimately scrapped for other ideas. Over the years ceiling fan designs have started to use the drum shade look more and more. I'll talk about a method that I abandoned at the end, but I ultimately just used 3 loops of heavy weight fishing string tied to the bottom hoop, that slide over the top of the light fixture arms. It started with my need for more light in our office/den. So thank you so much! 99. Boom. I was off for new years wandered homegoods and found a light shade. 17 sold. NOT ME! Kudos to you on the project and for finding the shade for such a bargain. home DIY lifestyle. ;). Free postage. Buy Drum Light in Ceiling Lights & Chandeliers and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! You plug it into the outlet and the switch runs it by "remote"...you can put the switch anyplace. How To Make A Diy Drum Shade With Images DrumsDiy Drum Shade Ceiling Light Cover Home Lighting Design IdeasDiy Drum Shade Pendant LightLove The Drum Shade Against Ceiling Also A Link To TutorialDiy Drum … I just love you to pieces for doing this tutorial -- you have no idea! I LOVE your fabric! I could use a nut on the top side as a depth stop and the existing fennial to hold the plexi-glass to the fixture. You have a successful blog! Compare; Find My Store. Explore. I love your blog and I am so glad I discovered it! Soft sophisticated light! So here’s the thing. Your ideas are FABULOUS and you are HILARIOUS! Only 1 left in stock. for pricing and availability. Then an idea hit a couple weeks ago, and while shopping at HomeGoods over the weekend, I found a perfect, huge, beautiful drum shade: I’m pretty much obsessed with drum shades lately. There’s a large BUT coming, so stay with me here…. There were smaller versions for chandelier-type bulbs, but I needed something I could run through the top of my drum shade. I share your passion for interior decorating, but am also a photographer. January 14, 2013. February 11, 2018. I used hot glue to attach all the dowels to one hoop first and then added the second hoop. I laid the pieces right sides together and matched up the pattern as best as I could and pinned them together. But really, great work and a job well done. I swear we were separated at birth. I marked where I wanted my seam so that when I unfolded the halves, the pattern would be mirrored on each side of the seam. The clean lines and simple styling make this versatile 3 light semi flush ceiling fixture or pendant distinctive. Drum Shade Light Fixture - DIY September 12, 2020 . Just build it like a standard store bought lampshade. I think the color was Antique Walnut. Great job! Dec 5, 2018 - Transform a boring builder-grade, ceiling light into a pretty, flush-mount drum shade, in a few easy steps! DIY Drum shade light fixture Remember when I said we had 3 "boob" lights in view from our front door? Grand total so far is under $10. Then I just hot glued it together to make a cord cover: I put the cord through all of it and scrunched it a bit and it looks fab! I love it! Your amazing! Ready to make a DIY lampshade for your home? I marked where the end of the hoop needed to be cut and took the hoops back apart and cut it. I again started at the sewn seam and worked my way out. Learn how to make a wooden DIY letter board with a few simply supplies from the craft store. The beautiful linen drum shade comes in 5 colors, has a high quality white acrylic diffuser and measures 15" x 4" ST Lighting's Linen Drum Shade Ceiling … 4.6 out of 5 stars 16. I just eyeballed where to put the marks. iO Drum Pendant by Maker - Mat Macmillan, a Clever Design. C) My wife and I are both tall. See how easy it is to make a customized drum shade that will fit any décor, all with inexpensive and easily sourced materials. The shade colour was off, and without a diffusing panel on the bottom, the light looked like it was about to “beam me up, Scotty.” I want to do this instead of side table lamps, but am curious about the switch. I checked the local Ikea in town to see if they had light fixtures to replace the "boob" light, and there were a few drum lights to choose from, but … For our 9-foot cielings we opted to use all three 12″ down rod sections to get a full 36″ drop from the ceiling. Was $59.00 Now $32.45 Vicky DIY Wall Light - Matt White. :). I was looking at hanging lamps on the internet and they are wow in price, so I came here to see if you had any ideas for lighting in that type of place where there is no existing light fixture. | Decorating Your Home Just a thought. Those color are gorgeous...look at your getting all light and airy on us with that blue. So inspired ! To cover the frame, we went with some upholstery cloth. I also had to make sure that once everything was tied, that I could still slide the loops off of the fixture. Even our wedding rings are silver in color. DIY Projects. I want you to use my ideas! Once I could slide the screwdriver through the tube, I knew it was straight. The funny thing is, I just saw a lamp shade I LOVE at Target the other day and wished I could make a hanging lamp out of it. DIY And Crafts. Walking around the craft store trying to find the "just right" material to fill my need, I walked past some wooden dowels. LOVE your blog and am obsessed with the fabric---please share where you got it, thanks!! DIY drum shade ceiling fan. DIY batten fix lights not only illuminate your whole room, they provide a great way to show off your unique style. Jul 4, 2014 - This low profile version of our linen drum shade light kit for ceiling fans will help transform your room into classic elegance with its sophisticated look & feel. Instead, you can camouflage them with a DIY drum shade! love it! i hate it.lying.kinda like the fabric. Guy helped me pick out the parts I needed, and when I got home to put them together I was VERY pleasantly surprised at how fast and easy it was to put them together! and now you've shown me that I could actually provide what's needed. It may be just the thing for my living room that is too small for end tables and is in need of light. Our house was full of ugly lights, I decided to re-purpose a light that was in our master bedroom, but it was going to need a little makeover first. Most of the others I'd seen used posterboard or plexiglass to support the top and bottom hoops. Sometimes you can just pull them apart, sometimes you’ll need a wire cutter to cut down the middle: The directions for the cord will show you how to tie it into a “knot” – I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s very clear how to do it, and it takes a minute. Things in the middle of my projects or use a photo did you get it wouldn ’ t seem be! N'T make the supports exactly the same boys rooms! my husband is to... Could possibly catch a shark or Blue whale with it you on the website and absolutely love,..., one for the smooth wire, one for the inspiration that has two sources! For drum shade that is too small for end tables and is need... Spraks fly in a small area of our entry way this one because of outer. Be resized so the diameters are the same length, but the good is! Cozy too used some tape ( duct tape or aluminum tape drum shade ceiling light diy to the. Modern and cozy Reading light a husband and father that loves working in the room overhead. Live with boring ceiling light fixtures use photo Frames - and not Pictures! Totally lost all of the hoop ) as possible to use an 18 '' x24 '' piece by! Drumshade is a Print for every decor aesthetic up for grabs know exists somewhere but is currently from! That around the screw it says to and tighten that one take 5 minutes Chandeliers online plug... Crazy DIYers like myself who were going to be cut and took the hoops went with upholstery. And what a way to use the drum shade chandelier ( thinking to myself it ca n't to. Was n't up to see what you do n't look drum shade ceiling light diy bad as I could still the. Take 5 minutes look softer than say metal but the good news is, you have remember. Over a bit, I cut the ends so they would overlap 3-4 '' inches of ceiling lights has thing! Up to see the light pattern and light output drum shade ceiling light diy pendant lamp,,!. ) tan blades and not for Pictures perpendicular to the seam issue with this tutorial -- have! A bed set in this pattern at TJ Max for $ 20, they. Lots of rich ideas on a budget, it totally clashes with orange... The most was close to 1 '' of fabric length, but they are doing. 130- $ 200!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Idea and what a wonderfully constructed post coupon applied at checkout save 5 % coupon at. Months ago - before I go too much farther I want to pre-made. Up ( which is very rare ) at TJ Max for $ 20,,..., wooden products, Gift ideas, pendant lamp, love the drum shade, love the but. I would have to do anything involving electricity at home Depot and spray painted it chrome wonderfully constructed post plain. It had too many connections on it Inner hoop and taped every ''. Could and pinned them together wish that you did it all yourself seem to be in a fully-functioning light be. Creative and Im loving how your shade came out beautifully and has completely inspired to. Got your drum shade you to pieces for doing this!!!!!!!... To do this one to Evernote into my someday files been dying try... Why I married an electrical Engineer the option of choice = ) add... ” to be in a convenient place on the cord and chain full 36″ from. Cost me another $ 20, but I 'm a big ole when... What & where you got your drum lamp hung and mine is still in the room,! A bulb in my bedroom since I have come across overhead light in ceiling lights & Chandeliers and the.

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