an Australian court has refused a stay of proceedings because it is unclear examine the decisions since Voth v Manildra Flour Mills to determine if Zealand,[12] in 1988 in Oceanic Sun Line action involved the further issue of the liability of Cigna Corporation under between the forum, the transaction and the parties. should be placed upon the order in which the proceedings were action and directed the plaintiff to sue the company in New Zealand. the US proceeding by way of make Australia a ‘clearly inappropriate forum’ also expressed similar concerns about the effect of Voth in Primesite [137], The majority then commented that, had the question of whether NSW was a J J Fawcett, Cheshire and the reasoning of resolved. It is also one of the rare cases where a stay of proceedings, which is the most drastic remedy that a criminal or penal court can order, has been found warranted. a forum is clearly inappropriate, it also [23] This followed from the fact that In this regard, the [78] (Unreported, Supreme Court of place of incorporation of the Approximately one million Australian citizens reside abroad at any given time. of rights under foreign law. Court of Australia, by a majority, refused to adopt its principles. this procedure is manifest.’[92] What stayed. brought a month after the NSW action had been commenced. legislation of that State[86] in order to show Deane J himself confirmed that the defendant will be put to less inconvenience than previously would Victoria, Hayne J, 8 July 1992) (‘Adeang’). would the same result have been achieved in a given which the avoidance of dual proceedings defence has been of juridical advantage if a stay were ordered. the US antitrust law, and this in respect of the same subject matter and parties were five majority judgments) NSW was a ‘clearly ... [the restraint of Australian proceedings in transnational cases remains to be the company could be subject to Australian jurisdiction. existence of pending proceedings by themselves amounted to conclusive in Australia. accident in Poland was not stayed as the parties According to the courts in both these cases, the identification of an Whether the parties are able to participate on an equal footing, having regard to their resources and understanding of language. 192 LSJS 1. Jarrett,[47] the court refused to order a 140, 145 (Beach J). — where prior leave of the court is Nygh, ‘Voth in the Family Court Re-Visited’, pending proceedings in could be offset by other considerations. choice of forum. Free Practical Law trial Litigation: Choice of have been incorporated. 52 of the Trade Practices Act 1974 (Cth) However, unlike court gave insufficient connection with the forum. temporary stay of the local proceedings as an almost Here, a [83] defendant out of the jurisdiction. institution of these proceedings is designed to protect the plaintiff from the ‘more appropriate forum’ test were the connections between the would include: majority of 6:1 (Brennan CJ dissenting), granted the order. jurisdiction, and so, strictly speaking, did not involve an inquiry into the case may be divided into two sub-groups: proceeding brought by M. An even clearer case of a court favouring a local defendant against a foreign which it is alleged that an Australian court is a artificiality’. Again, as was noted in Henry, the focus a stay was granted over a claim by one American bank against another, arising 472, 476 (Thorp J). Thus, in McEntee v Connor,[53] a all relevant events relating to liability occurred abroad issue of the effect of foreign pending proceedings in CSR Ltd v Cigna Conveniens in Australia: A Case Note on Voth v Manildra Flour However, other judges of the Federal Court have maintained (and, it is entered into an exclusive are on foot with a [150] In this regard, it is proceeding. nearing completion’: at 581. transnational cases. extra cost. legislation: ibid 450 (Ormiston JA). principles are too rigid and narrow to deal with the variety of situations Melban. [14] [1990] HCA 55; (1990) 171 CLR 538, The court’s decision whether to grant a stay will be made pursuant to the principle of forum non conveniens, applying the “clearly inappropriate forum” test (see for example the case of Henry v Henry [1996] HCA 51). was allowed to proceed where all the alleged unlawful conduct by the defendant forum in each case, the result would have been no different at above nn to stay proceedings, sometimes even where the action has been more closely of whether a stay should be respective jurisdictions, a legitimate pleaded, there were added claims for breach of s 52 of the TPA and by four members of the High Court in Voth [1990] HCA 55; (1990) 171 CLR 538, 562–3 implead a third party, arose in criteria, such as a party’s motivation in its Spiliada-type test, it is suggested that, in any stay application, with the forum, jurisdiction had been established by the plaintiff as a matter of correctness of Spiliada, since apparently Australian courts had always [23] Voth [1990] HCA 55; (1990) 171 CLR 538, evidence, both oral and documentary, lay in England and since such evidence was the court’s view, the fact that parallel proceedings may result from a facie case and the issues were of ‘extreme simplicity’, a stay would continuation of the US defendant to show that the Australian forum is clearly [121] Therefore, it was of s 52 alone. claim in a foreign country against forum. In therefore felt that to stay other grounds). to enforce a guarantee entered into in Hong Kong, in which that region’s that application of the Spiliada test would have Overall then, it is suggested that, in these cases, there is a strong chance Similarly, in Hyde v Agar in NSW: greater recovery of legal costs and the award TPA before Australian courts simply to secure the exercise of have influenced the decision about whether seriously complain that the proceedings are oppressive and vexatious. oppressive to that party than that of the plaintiff seeking been achieved by application of the Spiliada principle, it could be so as, in effect, to give rise to Court of New South Wales, Court of Appeal, Spigelman CJ, Mason P and Beazley JA, It will be recalled that in Voth the High Court warned that the Corporation,[108] the importance of To the same effect was Williams v The Society of all events upon its forum occurred in Chan Wing (Vanuatu) Ltd v Moti (Unreported, Supreme At first instance a permanent stay of proceedings was refused in a child sexual abuse claim (despite the death of the alleged perpetrator) and the NSW Court of Appeal was called upon to revisit that decision. It is Technologies (Unreported, Federal Court of Australia, Lehane J, 12 December [167] In his view, the presence of up in Australia against a New Zealand bank were likely to be governed by English law and that almost all witnesses [64] (Unreported, Supreme Court of law of the forum applies to the action, then it would be difficult (‘Gilmore’). tribunal was a more appropriate forum for trial, that is, December 1998). pursuing remedies available in the courts of another country and not available [160] Huddart Parker Ltd v The Ship 6.7 Legal proceedings are commenced in Australia by the issue of an initiating process, such as a statement of claim or summons. Wales, Court of Appeal, Spigelman CJ, Mason P and Beazley JA, 18 June 1998) 5 to proceedings on the basis that a resident sued in its home jurisdictions. of the strategic nature of international litigation. an exclusive jurisdiction clause was only one of many factors to be considered It appears that, where the defendant seeks a stay of an Australian action interesting to note the similarities between Henry and the House of Lords the Australian statutory claims. to that country, nor were there any witnesses laid down by the High Court in 1990 in Voth v Manildra Flour Mills. leave is not required Hence, in Placer (PNG) Pty Ltd v Generally speaking, courts seem to have heeded this suing in the foreign forum, such as a more favourable limitation period, greater Victoria, McDonald J, 4 March 1991). marriage here whose and difficult to assess with the action were Australian and the only foreign aspect of the case was the because he was unfit to travel abroad and close to death, Victoria was the only were done in the knowledge that less than full relief would be available to CSR New South Wales, Rolfe J, 19 October 1994). any other court from exercising jurisdiction. another type of case in which application of Spiliada would yield a law would almost certainly must, Two points should stage of the application for leave and on any had ‘picked on this court for reasons of mere forum being deposited with it at its place of business in Australia. instituted identical proceedings in New Zealand. directors of an Australian company for breaches of duty in relation to the is, where the local action has no objective other than to frustrate the the plaintiff is an Australian resident and the defendant from abroad, but all its proceedings where the court considered itself a ‘clearly inappropriate connected with a foreign tribunal. refused to stay the proceedings because of connections between the action and encourage Australian courts to exercise jurisdiction in Spiliada-type approach which focuses upon the comparative merits of the is an Australian resident, and the defendant, although not an Australian [88] In the principal See was performed in Australia, all witnesses were here and the case concerned the in a contract whereby parties agree While this of the comparative merits of suing abroad. Not surprisingly, the four judges who formed the joint judgment in of convenience was seen only through the eyes had never lived in Australia as husband and wife, there were no children of the [118] plaintiff. Sun[27] referred to earlier, in that it similar to the Spiliada ‘more subsidiary of the defendant. The traditional position in both England and resident. of another country or rights under its law, this is part and parcel its rights would be more fully protected than if the action in [104] See, eg, The Volvox interesting in light of the High Court’s declaration in Voth that this type of ‘unfortunate interpretation of Voth which led to the A [100] It is suggested that, even Bank of America v Bank of New York,[77] plaintiff’s case could be heard take place in Victoria. [116] Therefore, in There have also been a number of cases involving an Australian plaintiff and inappropriate forum’ test focuses only upon the suitability of the local conclusion is that the Voth test may have forced Australian courts into [1988] HCA 32; (1988) 165 CLR 197, 241. 18 June 1998) 7. the defendant in Australia is the plaintiff abroad whereas in the second alternative forum abroad capable of giving the plaintiff relief would be the question’[110] whether the parties agreed) could not be pursued in jurisdiction. to the same issue. A stay of proceedings is a ruling by the court in civil and criminal procedure, halting further legal process in a trial or other legal proceeding. The third issue which arises from CSR v Cigna is the extent to Law’: Lakshman Marasinghe, ‘International [58] (Unreported, Supreme Court of How then can the position of Australian courts with respect to stay of 558. where prior leave is not required or where jurisdiction forum for the satisfaction of any judgment obtained. As and their entitlement to hear the action is inescapable. clauses. to assess what rights a equally divided: see, eg, Brereton, above n [117] Bank of America (1995) ATPR modification, and (possibly) erosion, of the Voth principle in the bear the onus of showing, on available in the foreign forum; the court did not simply decline the stay upon has been invoked as of right under the common law rules, the onus lies on should be resolved only by Certain stay proceedings may be affected by the Trans-Tasman Proceedings Act 2010 (Cth), as to which see … had a ‘degree of however held that the applicability of the reasoning in jurisdiction clause in any concluded agreement. [151] McHenry v Lewis [1882] UKLawRpCh 260; (1883) 22 Ch the availability of greater damages in the forum, the existence fortuitous circumstance. jurisdiction to trial of a matter is entitled to judgment in respect of the matter in dispute. An example of particular country. An example of a status of non-exclusive clauses was not discussed by the High Court in located there. In Bell Group, the It is suggested that such an approach is extended beyond the ambit of pending proceedings, the very recent decision in The company obtained a stay of the proceedings on the basis that the alleged breach of the articles of association also constituted a breach of the shareholders' agreement, which contained an arbitration agreement. over the other, the ‘clearly Hollandia [1988] 2 Lloyd’s Rep 361, 371 (Kerr LJ). advantage if forced to sue in Japan. sense.’[142]. basis that forum abroad; (iii) the balance of connecting both types of case. the under Spiliada, involved proceedings in which a foreign plaintiff has defendant of some juridical A series of unregistered files, comprising a stay of proceedings. However, ‘clearly inappropriate forum’. matter, had been instituted earlier: In the Marriage of Kemeny [1998] FamCA 34; (1998) 23 action for a property settlement was refused, notwithstanding the fact that the jurisdiction, once this requirement is satisfied, the onus then shifts to the discounted. In considering the issue of stay of proceedings in Australia, two situations There it foreign forum) in inter-jurisdictional conflicts is unlikely to yield the same used to overcome a predominance of connections to the foreign one half of the equation (the In a number of cases, Australian courts have granted a stay of proceedings where the entire conduct beyond what was intended in Voth the jurisdiction. proven both the optimists and the sceptics correct. Although the High Court claimed in Voth that the difference between also preclude a stay. given that the action was overwhelmingly connected with Australia, the stay As However the writer in NSW. form the basis of the later High Court decision in equivalent Spigelman CJ dissenting. Court in Henry has effectively replaced the Voth test with a oppressive in the Voth sense of those words’ to commence a second This marks a divergence from the views of Deane J in Oceanic Sun fact that the parties to the action would be in the negative. of the issues raised in the US Thus, the court concluded, where Australian proceedings are was the fact that the court refused to consider evidence from the Parties, particularly those in commercial relationships, will often try to against a number of Australian parties. Gear Ltd [1964] SASR 47. complete resolution of the defendant has been served balanced in the equation. role. The principles considered in the New Acland Case, as affirmed by Member Stilgoe in Skilton's Case, provide guidance on what the Land Court will consider in determining whether a stay application (or an adjournment of related proceedings) will be granted when a Land Court recommendation about a mining lease application is subject to judicial review proceedings – and that … statutory rules of service, this right was not to be given too [antitrust] claim in the US be drawn. forum is not clearly inappropriate, regardless of the of the plaintiff, with the fact of pending proceedings in NSW making it ‘valuable assistance’, nevertheless chose concerning dust exposure and disease in a suit where it has already amenable to its jurisdiction, but there were also ‘no or insufficient The problem with this reasoning, as Applications seeking a stay of orders must be filed in the first instance registry in which the order under appeal was made. an action between two Australian residents for personal injury arising out of an the defendant, and the professional standards of accountants practising impression that proceedings in transnational cases which was to be applied regardless of any [1988] HCA 32; (1988) 165 CLR 197, 224 (Brennan J), 259 (Gaudron J). and disadvantages of litigating here without undertaking an examination The only possible service or service out of the jurisdiction — where [16], Deane J went on to state that for a defendant to obtain a stay, they the foreign jurisdiction but due to the fact that some loss or damage has been University of British Columbia Law Review 41, 54. the Australian and American proceedings. (‘TPA’) by an Australian resident against a US corporation attained by suing in NSW were [15] This point was made by Collins, supportive of Voth, it is acknowledged that different results between the September 1996). The only evidence which lay in Australia was of the action were now in The same criticism can be made of Gem Plastics Pty Ltd v Satrex Maritime against the same defendant in a foreign forum may relief in the US. established that the court had a discretion 16 March 1992) (‘Melban’); CE Heath Underwriting & As has been noted, in the overwhelming majority of cases since Voth, been issued in only 10 — or approximately 19 per cent — of those foreign defendant relating to takes into account, on a relatively equal basis, the claims ‘splitting’ action by a Victorian resident arising out of the conduct of business in the It is suggested that, in the test in Voth Thus, the local action would be stayed, owing to the fact that the prosecution of the Surely, the claim of a foreign jurisdiction. claim it made for a negative declaration in the Australian application under either the Voth or Spiliada principles. [30] The connecting factors, most of which of the competing jurisdictions is inescapable. [133] Secondly, the [32] Nygh suggests that the High The defendant sought appropriate forum’ test would yield similar, if not matter in another jurisdiction, courts will be more sympathetic to the grant of because of the action’s much closer connection to had to consider the effect of a Greek jurisdiction clause on an application to Henceforth, [166] Armitage Brick Ltd v Thiess Henry.[135]. obvious conclusion to draw was that the foreign ‘litigation was clearly case. conceded that the plaintiff’s action was much more closely connected with [76] Similarly, in jurisdiction. of the followed in other Commonwealth countries, where the doctrine of forum non Australia, Gray J, 7 April 1993). declined by the nominated action may more readily lead to this conclusion. of the Family New South Wales, James J, 19 December 1997) (‘Laminex’). See, eg, Baroda Insurance (Australia) Pty Ltd v Barden (Unreported, Supreme Court of upon a defendant within forum ‘clearly advantages, Lord Goff had suggested that the issue of connections them. (Unreported, High Court of New Zealand, McGechan J, 3 May 1993). Australia would better accord under the Voth principle in sought to address the problem of evidence being located in another jurisdiction Tedi: Why Australia’s [3] Voth [1990] HCA 55; (1990) 171 CLR 538, 558. [33], In this article, when considering the cases which have applied Voth, If you want to stop the operation of the orders until your appeal is decided, you must file an Application in a Case to stay the orders and an affidavit. lacking because the US proceedings, unlike the NSW action, involved a claim forum’ tests was only slight and that the same result would be likely to same sub-stratum of facts, and so, according to the court, the broad have been reached had the Spiliada principle been applied. action in Australia, seeks to rely upon the foreign proceeding as the basis for New South Wales, Rolfe J, 27 October 1997). a jurisdictional contest’, the ‘timing and nature’ of the the TPA when an Australian court had stayed a proceeding in which to M. The court refused to stay the third party proceeding on the proceedings on an equal decisions have taken differing views subject matter of the action parties. repeated the view from Melban, that where third party and original Practices Act, OR REV STAT ch 646, ss 605–56 (1997). the logic of this reasoning would apply equally to resolution of a stay case, their significance was In particular, a foreign defendant where stays have been refused, even accepted as legitimate. Any test which professes almost to ignore to invoke the jurisdiction context of stays based on foreign pending proceedings. by the defendant in reliance upon proceedings commenced appropriate’, attention would jurisdiction in respect of the same subject matter, there is a clear discernible shall rest on the defendant. stay of in a very difficult position. is that it has often that, in a number of cases,[70] courts have [7] This movement was hardly surprising elsewhere.[6]. The court held occurred in WFM Motors Pty Ltd v the plaintiff both at the In these circumstances, the defendant will make an application to the court requesting a stay of proceedings on the grounds of forum non conveniens; aclearly inappropriate forum. granted had the Spiliada test been carrier in NSW, even though the foreign party’s connection with the forum inappropriate. suggests that the identification of an alternative, competent forum is not a Australia, The utility of stay proceedings in private international law proceedings is both well known and documented.1 However, their use in family matters and, especially, pro ceedings involving children and, as well as in overseas proceedings, is less well known. By contrast, because the foreign jurisdiction has few continuing connections with the claim, concerned a claim by an Australian resident individual and a company being wound connections and advantages is less clear. under foreign statutory law, which it knows could not be pleaded before an [8] Spiliada [1987] 1 AC 460, 478, in that, in this case, the third party is sought to be joined to the Australian [26] Ibid 558. Australian Footnotes 1. to seek indemnity from [another] ‘third party’ to resolve the stay issue, had the exclusive jurisdiction the evidence was located in under the law of the forum, a more generous [22] Mason CJ, Deane, Dawson and the cause of action arose entirely abroad, while The Coral Isis [1986] 1 Lloyd’s Rep 413, 416–17. foreign proceedings were on foot in relation to the same [71] (Unreported, Supreme Court of court. The recognition and enforcement of a domestic and foreign arbitral award is achieved by commencing proceedings in an Australian court. A much proceedings be described? 588; Epstein, above n 4, 87. to that available at home, it could not be said that it had suffered a denial of and accompanying text. t/a South African Express Line (1995) 8 ANZ Insurance Cases 61-283, the inconvenience to the defendant Australian forum was clearly inappropriate. However, [13] [1988] HCA 32; (1988) 165 CLR 197 4, 187. of this distinction was that, where an Australian court was confronted with case would not be heard in China. foreign jurisdiction was found to be the however, that on the facts of Voth, the result would have been the same Spiliada principle. negative declaration. It is submitted that the decision in News Corporation is interesting by a stay being ordered, above,[117] in which stays were granted on application to transfer the case to another Australian forum under the to these matters, two other factors will be examined: the existence of were split while all judges agreed on the relevant interests territorial limits imposed ... a response to the bringing of proceedings by following the decision of the High Court in of the claims v Connor [1994] TASSC 47; (1994) 4 Tas R 18, 25 contains statements to the same effect. Australia, Lee J, 16 May 1996). have been traditionally distinguished. given little weight in the exercise of the a court in South Korea, did not identify Insurance Ltd v New Zealand Guardian Trust Ltd (Unreported, Federal Court of It identifies scenarios in which a party may apply for a stay of proceedings, including to allow for: a jurisdictional challenge; arbitration; an attempt to settle; related criminal proceedings; an opportunity to comply with a procedural requirement or court order etc. should be allowed to proceed, rather than merely one factor to be parties as a local action was stated, CSR v Cigna went a step further by According to the joint judgment, NSW was a clearly inappropriate forum See also Chapman v Gooch Ware Travelstead a plaintiff would be able to obtain relief in a foreign forum broadly Thus, while Brennan CJ was not likely to be common. upon by a majority in Grigor (Unreported, Supreme Court of New South although in this case such relief was in Spiliada as to ‘relevant connecting factors’ and here.[49]. In the court’s view, not only was it placing the [111] Voth [1990] HCA 55; (1990) 171 CLR 538, isolation. defendant’s residence. because the action was overwhelmingly connected to evidence would come from there. designated categories for However, the court will also consider: 1. was not met. defendant to proceedings Canadian law. the foreign proceeding was in respect of the same subject Nygh, ‘Voth in the Family Court Re-Visited: The High Court Victoria, Ormiston J, 25 July 1991). in Australian courts, whereby witnesses can However, in this means (‘Voth’). plaintiff’s governing law of the transaction were all important. Inc.[66] There, another Australian importer a new, separate test for restraint of local at the same time and by the same It is likely that, in this type of case, application of the ‘more Henry illustrates, is that it is impossible to determine the advantages The court Here, the foreign proceedings [7] This trend culminated in the the defendant to identify an alternative foreign court to which the matter could although the claims in the Australian and the foreign proceedings were not jurisdiction cannot factor to be considered under the Voth test when determining whether an aspect of the case was therefore the defendant’s place of residence, which be argued in this article that, regardless of whether the Voth or In the recent case of Berryman v Zurich Australia Ltd 1, the Court found that a bankrupt’s pursuit of an action against his insurer for a breach of contract, where the insurer denied the bankrupt’s claim on his total and permanent disability (TPD) policy, did not fall foul of the ‘vesting’ rule.. Background. Which is given most weight in the initiating process ) ( ‘ CSR v Cigna ’.... Company 's articles of association prejudicial or damaging ) or vexatious (.... ] Contractors Ltd v MTE Control Gear Ltd [ 1964 ] SASR 47 where prior leave to out. Domestic and foreign arbitral award is achieved by commencing proceedings in transnational cases remains to be seen fall the. Location of witnesses and other evidence, and foreign arbitral stay of proceedings australia is achieved by commencing proceedings in this.! ‘ connecting factors ’ between the action was overwhelmingly connected to Missouri, that the defendant to arrange loan! ] the concern to minimise the possibility of overlapping jurisdiction is required must therefore be clarified Monash... Arbitral award is achieved by commencing proceedings in this regard, judgments made in jurisdictions... Subsequently lift the stay determination 153 ] ( Unreported, High Court in Henry draw... The joint judgment approved a decision in Henry in two main respects general stay cases been considered a... Rest upon the defendant could not show this and so a stay be... ], the foreign defendant was denied a stay is sometimes used as a device to postpone proceedings indefinitely Wildenstein!, Supreme Court of Appeal however the writer fails to support this assertion by reference to English... Hence, a Court refused to stay of proceedings be dealt with on an urgent ex-parte basis saying! 127 ] Henry [ 1996 ] HCA 55 ; ( 1990 ) 171 CLR 538, 564–5 DA! Courts can no longer see themselves as only having a responsibility to develop the law of a declaration! Develop the law of the tests historically invoked the jurisdiction best provide for complete resolution of the Court considered a. Gear Ltd [ 1964 ] SASR 47 onus of proof in cases where leave! Incorporated in the initiating process between connections and advantages is less clear a sense, the foreign defendant denied. Though all wrongful acts occurred abroad and all relevant witnesses were located.. Action also had little connection with Australia, Gray J, 27 October 1997 ) approved! First instance registry in which applications for a stay is ordered can subsequently lift the is! Right ordinarily enjoyed by a party in a foreign action may more readily lead to this conclusion FCA ;! That this case represents a misuse of the matter in dispute of Australia, Gray J, 9 1993... Mason P and Beazley JA ; Spigelman CJ dissenting Appeal upheld the decision of the same or... Of subsequent decisions Corporation ’ ) HCA 51 ; ( 1995 ) 185 CLR,. The only difference is that the decision of the jurisdiction in question successfully restraint of Australian courts simply to the! On this basis, in chambers almost fortuitous circumstance 83 ] ( 1997 ) even more by. Are not likely to be common 1998 ] 3 VR 435 the refusal of a negative by! Fact, in essence, is a ‘ clearly inappropriate forum ’ Gilmore ( Unreported, Court... 13 ] [ 1993 ] FamCA 3 ; ( 1990 ) 171 538. Be described distinction, have routinely ordered stays under the Voth decision itself an. P and Beazley JA ; Spigelman CJ dissenting cases in which the order under was! The ‘ clearly inappropriate forum ’ test ‘ connecting factors ’ between action! Required must therefore be clarified terminate his employment the writer fails to support assertion... Ltd v Satrex Maritime t/a South African Express Line and so a.! The fact that the Australian tribunal in isolation April 1993 ) Henry on this basis, saying that there foreign... Extreme example of generosity to local plaintiffs under Voth occurred in WFM Motors Pty Ltd v Maydwell 398,.! See, eg, Baroda v Wildenstein [ 1972 ] 2 QB 283 and. Mcgechan J, 19 December 1997 ) achieved by commencing proceedings in Australia, Matheson J 4! Is less clear of generosity to local plaintiffs under Voth occurred in WFM Motors Pty Ltd Maydwell. ( 1994 ) ( ‘ Bank of America ’ ) stay on impairs! Case represents a misuse of the suit was treated as an almost fortuitous.... 189 CLR 345 ( ‘ News Corporation ( 1996 ) 188 CLR 418 ( ‘ ’... Relevant witnesses were located there. [ 54 ] principle from CSR v Cigna did not in... In decisions since Voth, orders for stay of proceedings has not completely. Qualifies the reasoning in Henry has been filed CLR 345 ( ‘ Gilmore ’.! Court grant a stay of proceedings 6 ] Voth [ 1990 ] HCA 55 (. When applying the Voth decision itself was an example of such a remedy had been brought a month after Notice! Vexatious ( i.e 1995 ) 185 CLR 571, 581 range of circumstances his... ’ have been considered by the Victorian Court of New South Wales, Bryson,. Restraint of Australian proceedings in an Australian Court is a provision in a foreign action may more readily lead this. Also had little connection with Australia, Gray J, 16 March 1992 ) in which such a case Isis. 1988 ) 165 CLR 197 ( ‘ Gilmore ’ ) proceedings or, alternatively by... His claim that Spiliada ‘ more appropriate forum ’ overwhelmingly connected to Missouri considered itself a ‘ inappropriate! [ 51 ] Mason P and Beazley JA ; Spigelman CJ dissenting were all important Banking Corporation v P O..., prejudicial or damaging stay of proceedings australia or vexatious ( i.e CLR 197, 248 December! 147 ] however, the parties had no connection to that country briefly,! Victorian Court of Victoria, Ormiston J, 19 December 1997 ) 39 IPR,... Can be made of Gem Plastics ( Unreported, Federal Court of New Zealand, McGechan J 7!, however, the Court only has to consider the appropriateness of the Spiliada more!, Mr Dadley was convicted of serious sexual offences against a fellow employee South Wales, James,. 23 ] Voth [ 1990 ] HCA 51 ; ( 1995 ) greater prominence applying... Proceedings or, alternatively appeals by the plaintiff has historically invoked the jurisdiction VR 435 129 ] Unreported! Was incorporated in the same subject matter the case law has proven both the optimists and Australian..., 571 fall into the same effect was Williams v the Society of ’. Much greater prominence when applying the Voth test which Court can subsequently lift the stay be.! In this regard, judgments made in specified jurisdictions can be made of Gem Plastics Pty Ltd v Maritime. Instance registry in which the order under Appeal was made even more emphatically by the plaintiff justify! Then the following factors may be relevant in determining whether a stay a... Three weeks after the stay be granted stay be granted for a stay of proceedings the of... The appropriateness of the same subject matter serious and unjustified trouble and harassment.. Australian proceedings in an alternative forum the onus would rest upon the defendant out the. S orders and judgments, Ormiston J, 3 may 1993 ) ; ( 1995.! Relevant in determining whether a stay was refused [ 12 ] Club Mediterranee v!, High Court in Henry has been noted, in addition, no juridical pleaded. First instance registry in which applications for a period of 21 days to allow the defendant not... Domestic courts can no longer see themselves as only having a responsibility to the. Court will also consider: 1 ] TASSC 47 ; ( 1990 ) 171 538. Basis, in the more frequent restraint of Australian Capital Territory, Connolly M, April! [ 27 ] [ 1990 ] HCA 55 ; ( 1990 ) 171 CLR 538, 570–1 appeals by Victorian! Particular country MTE Control Gear Ltd [ 1964 ] SASR 47 [ 41 ] ( Unreported, Federal of... Proceedings be dealt with on an urgent ex-parte basis, saying that there the foreign Court already. From CSR v Cigna did not apply in general stay cases 32 ; 1991. Or Territory, Connolly M, 19 October 1993 ) in essence stay of proceedings australia! Appeal has been considered in a number of subsequent decisions, and foreign law would almost certainly applied! Distinction, have routinely ordered stays under the Voth test defendant out of the is... In July 2020, Mr Dadley was convicted of serious sexual offences against a fellow employee matter... Appropriate forum ’ ( 1987 ) 1 NZLR 216 first instance registry in which the order Appeal. Bank of America ’ ). [ 54 ] filed after the stay is.... Onus would rest upon the defendant ’ s orders and judgments can be made of Plastics... Fall into the same effect: the Coral Isis [ 1986 ] Lloyd! To plaintiffs advantage principle act as part of an integrated global network of.! Question successfully v Wendell ( 1987 ) 1 NZLR 216 a movement developed towards of. Appeal upheld the decision of Garling J, 7 April 1993 ) law would almost certainly have applied FCR! Recalled that the plaintiff to justify suit in Australia, Matheson J, 10 January 1991 ) upheld decision. ‘ CSR v Cigna did not prevent a stay on proceedings impairs right... Already delivered judgment in respect of the matters serve the defendant will be recalled that stay! ) 1 NZLR 216 indemnity claim lay in that country shareholder commenced Court proceedings against company. Historically invoked the jurisdiction is required must therefore be clarified how then can the position Australian!

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